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Soccer is a physical game and by U8 the more physical teams will start to have an advantage. Young players often aren't used to physical play, but the fact is that in a game the most physical team will usually win, so you must teach your players how to be physical so they have a chance to be successful. At the very least, you don't want them to fall apart and give up when their opponents are physical and aggressive. This game teaches defenders how to legally use their shoulder to push an opponent off the ball, which is called a "Shoulder Tackle" (and also called a "Shoulder Charge") and it also teaches players how to avoid being pushed off the ball while dribbling (which is called "Strength on the Ball"). It will get your players used to contact, which is very important, and teach them to play more aggressively.

I have revised one of the most popular and effective Premium Practice Games (soccer drills that are games) and a link to it is below.

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The game is named "Strength On The Ball, Shoulder Tackle, Aggressive Play & Bravery GameTM". You can read testimonials for the game below.

What This Soccer Drill that is a Game Teaches: This Game teaches bravery and aggressive play, that soccer is a physical game and to not be afraid of contact or being bumped or pushed, strength on the ball to maintain possession while dribbling, shielding the ball to maintain possession when challenged, a legal Shoulder Tackle, challenging for the ball to slow the attack and how to legally push a player off the ball.

What Coaches Have Said (Testimonials):

"This Game made an immediate improvement on my boys on how to fight for a ball." Coach Chuck, U-10 Boys

"We did this first thing after warm-ups until I was satisfied the girls weren't going to be afraid of contact." Coach Corey, U-12 Girls

"The other team was bigger and trying to play very aggressively against us, but we have been playing the Strength on the Ball game since the beginning of the season, and, although they really tried, the other team could not push my boys around." Coach Stephanie, U10 Boys

"I LOVE the "Shoulder Tackle & Strength on the Ball" drill - it has HUGE benefits. It paid off this past weekend when we played a team from another league. Their girls were very aggressive until we got on their shoulders and then they generally went to pieces and we took away the ball." Coach Tony, U16G, Premium Member since 2004

Click this link to see the Strength On The Ball, Shoulder Tackle, Aggressive Play & Bravery GameTM, a soccer drill that is a practice game.

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