Best Soccer Corner Kick Set Play
Watch Video of a U8 Soccer Team Using it to Score
You Can Teach it in 10 Minutes and it Really Works
It Also Helps Teach Team Soccer Attacking

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(Hi, this is David. This corner kick set play is from Premium. The Premium page has a diagram and additional links. Check this out � it really works, is fun and easy to teach. Watch the video.)

Watch a 43 second video of a U8 team doing this Short Corner Kick Set Play at

"I taught the "Short Corner Kick Set Play" in practice last week to my U11 girls. We didn't spend much time on it. Just showing them how to set it up, how to bring the ball toward the goal along the endline and where the second attacker goes after she takes the "kick." Maybe 5 - 10 minutes total practice time. On our first corner kick this weekend the girls ran it and scored on a beautiful shot that went into the upper near corner of the goal. It did catch the other team off guard." Coach Al

"Thanks so much for sharing this play! I taught it to my 3rd Grade girls in practice and they thought it was funny and "sneaky" in a good way. We used it in our next game and scored immediately! It's a great set play for young teams." Coach R

Try "short corners" 50% of the time. Your chances of scoring on the short corner set play described below are better than on a "long corner" and you will improve your chances of scoring when you try a long corner by keeping the opposing defense off balance. Also, this short corner play will teach your team some valuable attacking and teamwork concepts, which are described at the end of this document, and it is fun and easy to teach. You can teach it before a game in about 5 minutes (but be careful to not let your opponent see you or you will lose the element of surprise).


1. Two attackers inbound the Soccer Corner Kick, attack along the end-line and try to center the ball to teammates waiting in front of the goal.

2. Place other attackers in front of the goal, as shown on diagram.

3. Be sure to put a player off the "Far Post".

My favorite short corner is to have a good dribbler (the "Receiver") stand one foot (about 12 inches) in front of the "Kicker" (i.e., in front of the player taking the corner kick) and face the goal with his legs apart (it is okay for the Receiver to stand on the Corner Arc line or inside the Corner Arc; the ball can be placed anywhere inside the Corner Arc or on the Corner Arc line; the ball is in play when it is "kicked and moves" and once kicked it must be touched by another player on either team before the "kicker" can touch it again). (Put several other attackers in front of the goal as "Third Attackers". The opponents must stay 10 yards away from the ball until it is kicked by the Kicker, or sometimes 8 yards for U-10; if they are too close the Kicker can ask the referee to make them back up). The "Kicker" taps the ball softly thru the "Receivers" legs and the Receiver (who is now the "First Attacker") dribbles along the end line toward the goal with the Kicker running beside him (about 5 steps away) as the "Second Attacker". Tell the "Receiver" to try to penetrate at least halfway to goal (this will force the Defenders to turn toward the ball & some will "ball watch" & start to move toward the "Receiver", which will reduce the number of Defenders in front of the goal and make it easier to score if the "Receiver" can center the ball to the goal front) and then pass or chip the ball to the front of the goal where his teammates are waiting for the cross (unless your team is good at headers, the preference should be a pass on the ground). If he gets stopped, he can pass to the "Kicker" (who is the Second Attacker), who then passes or chips the ball to the goal front (or shoots if he has a clear shot). If an opponent steals the ball, the Receiver and Kicker should aggressively double-team to try to win it back.

This short corner play is easy to teach and can be very effective. One advantage is that by dribbling along the end line your "offball attackers" can move to the goal front and still be "onside". Another advantage is that opponents tend to "ball watch", turn toward the ball and move toward the dribbler, so you have a good chance to score if you can center the ball to the front of the goal. Be sure to put someone off the "Far Post" (ideally a quick, aggressive player who can "one-touch" finish; tell this player she must stop the ball from going past her & keep it in play). There is a good chance the ball will go thru to the Far Post, especially if it is chipped. Unless your players are great at headers, your chances of scoring on this play are much better than if you just boot a long corner into the Penalty Box, especially the first few times you try it. When the opponents pull out to cover it, then you can mix it up and try a long corner, at which time you should have better numbers and the element of surprise in your favor. This makes the game more exciting and throws your opponents off balance and not sure what to expect.

This play doesn't just teach a short corner, it also teaches attacking along the end-line from the side (i.e., from the "wing"), how to move to scoring positions for a cross and the importance of teamwork and patience. It is very good for the players involved. Challenge the First and Second Attackers to use their skill and teamwork to penetrate and create a scoring opportunity, and challenge the Third Attackers (everyone in front of the goal) to hold their positions and be ready for the opportunity (tell them to be careful to not get too close to the goal or the ball may go behind them and they will then be in the way of their own team's shot; it is better for them to stay back some where they can run forward onto the pass). Especially stress to the player whose job is to play off the far post that she must stay in position and be patient and, if she does, she may get a chance to score.

After using this a few times against the same opponent, they will figure it out and move Defenders out to cover your "Kicker" and "Receiver". Tell the "Kicker" and "Receiver" to not panic, and to work together to attack as planned. Challenge them to beat the Defenders and cross the ball. This will cause them to improve and gain confidence if they are successful. But, you can also mix in some long corners and short corners where the Kicker passes the ball to a waiting teammate, or fake a short corner. One more tip: if you "push-up" your FB's, have them shift to the side of the field on which the Corner is being taken so they are in position to stop a quick counterattack.

See "Soccer Corner Kick" in the Dictionary

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