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David and crew at,

I wanted to give my mid season update about our team and the use of these patches for soccer. Last year our team had a very long season, we scored four goals all season. Had no wins, or maybe one win. Starting this year we had no coach, so my wife took the team, and I was recruited to "assist". What I know about soccer is what I have read in books, saw in videos, or picked up from other coaches. We started using your patches as a way to motivate the team. So far we have scored 12 goals, and have giving up 16. (last season it was something like 8 or so a game we gave up.

With U8 boys playing 7v7, we have simplified the patch structure for our needs, we have 3 colored stars and 1 red lightning bolt. Blue is offense, black is for defense; the lightning bolt is for incredible heads up hustle, and the red star, (as our red badge of courage). Our boys are killing themselves for these patches. We give the red badge for getting a ball to the face, and not crying about it. Getting trampled, and rushing back into the field of play. In 4 games we have given that blood patch out 4 times. I have even had a parent from another team comment about our boys playing tougher than the other teams out there, and wished their players were tough like ours.

Our record is 2 and 2. We lost our last game to one of the stacked teams in our league, with a score of 2-0. Although we didn't score, we shut them down in the second half, and kept them down to no shots on goal the entire second half. This team normally blows out the competition but 6 or more goals on average. This game on paper was a loss, but I have never been happier about a loss in my 4 game soccer coaching career. We have 4 games left and play two opponents each time, one we are equally matched against and the other is considered the other team to beat. We have our first chance ever in five seasons to not have a losing season.

The guidance provided by and the patch system is worth its weight in gold.

W.M, U8, GA, Premium member


Hi W.M.,

Thanks for writing.

Prediction 1 - stay on track with the patches AND play the Premium Practice Games at practice and your team will continue to improve and by the end of the season will beat teams you used to lose to. Bravery, hustle, skills and some basic positioning (read Positioning Rules on Premium). If you don't get the newsletter - subscribe - it is free and there are lots of tips in it.

Prediction 2 - You and your wife will be very good coaches.

Do the things I've pasted below - they will make a BIG difference fast.

Please let me know how the rest of your season goes.

David at SoccerHelp

My best tips -- Below are links to some videos on Premium that will make a big difference fast (sign in to Premium and then click the links) --

Dribble Across a Square Practice Game Demonstration - (Play this as a Warm-Up at every practice and you will be amazed). This is without question the best way to teach dribbling - it is ten times better than dribbling thru cones.

Aggressive Play, Strength on the Ball & Shoulder Charge Practice Game Demonstration (This will make a HUGE difference. Play this twice until your players don't get pushed off the ball and aren't afraid of contact) How to teach soccer players to take away the ball and keep bigger opponents from taking it away from them. See Shoulder Charge in Dictionary for rules of a legal shoulder charge. "Shoulder Charge" is the same thing as "Shoulder Tackle". Read the Testimonials at

Dribble Around Cone & Pass Race Practice Game Demonstration (Play this a lot) Fast play, one touch play, Aggressive Receiving, passing while running, passing as soon as possible, acceleration, speed dribbling, turning & more.

How to Defend Throw Ins, Goal Kicks and Punts - WATCH THIS - These tips are worth 1 to 3 goals per game. Demonstration of How to Teach Attacking and Defending - How to Teach Coaching Rules 1, 2 and 3. These tips are worth 1 to 3 goals per game. You can also watch the Introduction to this Video and Read about Coaching Rules 1, 2 and 3. See below for "How to Teach Throw Ins".  

How to Train Soccer Players to Play Fast Under Pressure - Our Practice Games are better than drills because they teach players to play fast while under pressure. Our Practice Games keep score. Keeping score creates competition. Competition creates pressure and pressure causes players to play fast. Our training method teaches players to play fast while under pressure.

The 2 Best Soccer Training Methods - How to train your players better and faster. Guided Discovery and Controlled Repetition.  

David at SoccerHelp

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