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Over the years I have corresponded with hundreds of youth soccer coaches and we have received over 700 Testimonials from coaches. The same things come up time after time as important to the success of youth soccer teams. Those are discussed below. There is also a link below to an article I'm proud of about How to Teach Players to Kick and Shoot a Soccer Ball.

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Things that I Have Found are Most Important for Youth Soccer Players and Teams

For U4 and U6 Soccer - Play our No Lines Soccer Practice Games, use the patches for motivation, and have fun. Don't worry about much else. You are shaping the view small kids will have of soccer and whether they think soccer is Fun or not? What they think about soccer is up to the coach.

For U7 and Older Soccer -

  1. No Lines Soccer Drills. Why? Because players don't waste time standing in line. Standing in line waiting your turn is a waste of time and boring. Most of our soccer drills are No Lines Practice Games that keep all the players active and involved and have a high ball ratio. If you use our drills your players will improve twice as fast than if you use line drills. See Our No Lines Soccer Drills and Videos
  2. Use Drills or Games that Teach Real Soccer Skills and Keep Score. Keeping score creates competition, which creates pressure and causes players to practice as fast as possible, which prepares them to perform a skill fast while under pressure, like they must be able to do in a real soccer game.
  3. Motivate Your Players to Hustle, Be Brave, Listen to the Coach, and Come to Practice. Our patches are the best way I know to do this. There are Patch Testimonials See our Soccer Patches
  4. Soccer Must Be Fun or Kids Will Quit. Kids have lots of choices and tend to play the sports they enjoy the most. I frequently hear stories about good players getting burned out and quitting soccer.
  5. Choose the Soccer Formation and Style of Play that Gives Your Team the Best Chance for Success. I've gotten letters from coaches who were trying to make Rec teams play like professional teams and, of course, that isn't possible. The result was that the teams lost all their games and no one had any fun. Take it a step at a time and have fun along the way. For example, if you have unskilled players who can't make more than a couple of consecutive passes while under pressure, you can't play a "possession" style of attack. Until your team improves, try an attack that teaches your players to pass to space. That teaches the use of Open Space and is more realistic than passing to feet. At first, your players will just be kicking the ball to space, but over time they will get better control and touch. Also, if your team doesn't have the speed and endurance to defend the entire field, defend the most important parts of the field (the Center between the 2 goals and the goal front) and give up the sidelines. Be realistic about your team's abilities and don't ask the impossible. How to teach these things is explained on SoccerHelp and in great detail in Premium. There are over 100 articles about Soccer Formations on SoccerHelp Premium - 4v4, 5v5, 6v6, 7v7, 8v8, 9v9 and 11v11.