WANTED: A needy league to use the SoccerHelp Training Program Starting at Age 2 or 3.

We believe the SoccerHelp program is superior to any other soccer training program for most kids.

There are several advantages to the SoccerHelp program:

1. It can be easily and quickly implemented on a large scale - all coaches have to do is play the games and the player's skills will improve rapidly.

2. It is an efficient way to train (more is achieved faster).

3. Our soccer drills are practice games that are match realistic and train players to play fast while under pressure.

4. It can be used to teach important skills and ways of playing soccer at an early age, such as composure while dribbling the ball in traffic, one-touch play, aggressive receiving, recognizing open space, passing to space, and other skills.

We would like to give a Premium membership to a needy league that will implement our program starting at age 2 or 3 through ages 10 or 12 or older. The reason is that within 1 year we think the skills of the players involved will, as a group, be noticeably superior to players of similar athletic ability and experience who use a training program based on typical line drills and exercises.

If you have interest in this, contact the appropriate officials in your league and have them contact us. We will only pursue this if we are dealing with officials who are able to make it happen. We would set up a Premium Membership that all the participating coaches, assistant coaches and volunteers could share. There is no gimmick to this - it is a serious offer. We think the results will quickly be obvious.

You can read Testimonials from hundreds of coaches who have used our program.

You can contact us about this through any of the "Contact Us" links or through this Email Us link.