Shooting: Power and Its Use Soccer Video Clip

This clip is from Anson Dorrance & Tom Stone Soccer Clinic DVD.

Or watch it on YouTube

Reduced. This is the Best Intermediate and Advanced Soccer Skills Instruction for Attacking and Defending that I've ever seen, and I've watched over 250 DVDs. I've never seen this instructional method used before, and it's the best I've ever seen. The format is this: Tom Stone introduces each topic (over 30 topics are covered), it is demonstrated by top players at "game speed", and the same demonstration is played again in slow motion while Anson analyzes it, explains it, and uses a yellow on-screen marker to help explain his points (the same type of on-screen yellow marker used by US football analysts). Anson Dorrance is one of the most successful college coaches ever and Tom Stone won 7 youth national championships. This DVD is excellent for all coaches of age 9 and older and serious players 10 to Adult. 83 Minutes. This will play in any DVD player worldwide. 5+ Stars, Our Highest Recommendation. Read a Detailed Review. 15 free iron-on motivational patches are included with each DVD.

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