Freestyle Soccer Video Clip

This clip is from GOL! (Brazilian Soccer Foot Skills and Ball Control Training) DVD.

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Reduced. Our Best Selling DVD, Most Fun and Inspirational DVD, and the DVD That Will Most Inspire Players to Practice Foot Skills, Ball Control and Moves. 85 minutes. This DVD shows Simon Clifford, an Englishman, training English boys using a Brazilian style of training. I can watch this over and over and every time it thrills me, inspires me and makes me realize why I love soccer and why it's called the "beautiful game". This DVD will motivate anyone who watches it - both you and the players will want to get a ball and start practicing - and it proves that a player doesn't have to be a great athlete to become a great ballhandler. It is also the best DVD for parents to watch with children. What Simon Clifford has achieved will probably go beyond anything you have ever seen youth players do. Every coach at any level will get good training and warm-up ideas from this DVD and this training approach can lead to creative, spectacular, breath-taking play. There are Bonus Features, but they won't play on most DVD players, so don't count on them (the Mr. Woo's Workout is like watching a professional juggler and isn't of value to real soccer players or coaches anyway). Suitable For: This is our favorite footwork/moves/ball control video for experienced players age 9 and older and coaches of those players. However, the "Super Soccer Skills" DVD is still better for beginners and players ages 7 and 8. Every Travel, School Player and Coach should own this, as well as every Recreational player age 9 or older who wants to improve footwork or ball control. This is a Region 1 DVD - it will only play in North American DVD players. Click Here to Read a Detailed Review. 15 free iron-on motivational patches are included with each DVD.

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