Go Score ™ (U4 to U10) Definitely Play This

(Dribbling and kicking the ball with both feet while looking up, getting used to chaos and being bumped, how to kick a soccer ball - U4 to U10)

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Summary and What it Teaches

The Go Score game is great because it is fun and teaches dribbling with both feet while looking up and kicking a soccer ball while running. There is traffic, so kids get used to the chaos of being near lots of activity and being bumped. It also teaches U6 the concept of a "Goal" and "scoring". It is simple and easy to set up. It will help if you have a small portable goal, like a "pugg" goal. Play for 5-10 minutes. It is a good way to start practice. For U10 this isn't as good as Dribble Across a Square or Dribble Around Cone & Pass Relay Race. Adjust this game for the age of your players. This is too basic for advanced U8 and U10 players.

The Game

  1. Put a portable goal about 10-20 adult steps from where the kids will be (or use cones to mark a goal, or you can use a real goal). Adjust the distance to what is fun and best for your players, but for little kids it is better for the goal to be close instead of too far away.
  2. Every kid has a ball. Have them face the Goal, about 10 to 20 adult steps from the Goal.
  3. When you yell "Go Score" or "Go" all the kids dribble to the goal and score. If they are too young to kick the ball, they can dribble to the front of the goal, stop and kick the ball in.
  4. Once all the balls are in the net, pick up the goal and move it, and play Go Score again.
  5. If you have extra balls, leave them where the kids start and let the fastest players come back to get a second ball and try to score while the slow players are still trying to score.
  6. Tell them to NOT kick other kids balls away on purpose and NOT to block the net - when they score, run back to the Starting Line.
  7. Do this for 5 to 10 minutes - it is a great way to practice dribbling and kicking a ball while running.
  8. If you have more than 8 players, there might be too much congestion. If so, split into 2 groups.