Tick Tock ™ (4-stars)

(aka "The Foundation", All Ages)

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Fast feet & ball control using inside-of-feet. This is a SoccerHelp.com practice game that is a drill.


Every player has a ball & starts with the ball between his feet, with knees bent

The Game:

  • On "Go" each player taps the ball between his feet. Each tap is "one"
  • 1st to reach 20 wins (1st to 40 if U-12).


Keep knees bent & tap ball with the front of the foot (this gives better control than the back of the foot).


Whether children continue to play soccer will have a lot to do with whether it is fun at early ages. SoccerHelp Practice Games are designed to be fun, to teach important skills and concepts, and to keep players active. We don't use "knock-out" or elimination games which leave kids standing on the sideline and we don't use games such as "Crab Soccer" which are fun but have many kids crawling on the ground instead of learning to play soccer. There are thousands of drills on the Internet, but most are not well thought out, efficient, effective or fun. Most drills and games do not provide enough touches on the ball or the activity level is too low (i.e., there is too much standing around) to meet SoccerHelp standards. SoccerHelp Practice Games are selected from hundreds we have tried and less than 5% of the games we evaluate are selected for SoccerHelp Premium. We believe in positive motivation and don't believe in punishing a child who has tried their best but lost a Practice Game. Thus, we do not recommend punishing the losers or making the losers leave the game.