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Hi Phil, Just an update. WE WON THE CHAMPIONSHIP!!! Thanks for you help. 7 years and finally my son won. The kids played a great tactical game against a far more superior team. We dominated the game and had control of the ball for 80% of the game, even though we only won 1 -0. Thanks again for your help from the Coaching Manual and the emailed questions you replied to. I'll keep in touch." --Dennis

"Your Guide to Tactics in small sided games has transformed my team. They are enjoying the game more and we are winning more. I feel much happier as I can see what's going wrong and put it right." --Graham, UK

"We worked hard and re-organized having read your manual. We are unbeaten and the players are enjoying the game more as for the first time they know what they are supposed to do when defending and attacking." --David, USA

"I've been coaching for 12 years, and this is the first book that I've found that actually looks at tactics in real game situations." --Paul, USA

"I realised I hadn't got a clue about the tactical side of the game. I now use the ideas you introduce and can analyse any situation." --Brian, Australia

"Dear Mr. Wymer , I have read your book, Coaching Soccer Tactics, and enjoyed it tremendously. I have never come across such a comprehensive look at the tactical side of soccer. I would recommend it to everyone." --Henry, USA

"Every professional and non- professional club should follow your advice on developing players, attacking and giving confidence. The way you have explained the game means with very little effort players can understand and work out what to do in a real game situation. Other coaching books are full of o's and x's and don't relate what's being taught to the game. A fantastically well researched and simply written piece of work." --Ian, UK

"The TACTICIAN is excellent I have changed who takes penalties and watch games a lot differently now thanks to the way you have broken down how goals are scored." --Karen, Scotland

"I have a read thru your coaching manual most evenings after work to try to absorb the drills and coaching questions to pass on to my players. I came across the manual after becoming fed up of searching local bookshops W.H.Smiths and the like and finding nothing of any use. I just looked on the net for Soccer Coaching and saw your two books. The one I bought seemed to fit the bill .I look at the game much deeper now...My wife claimed 'Your obsessed with tactics. You ought to take that book to bed with you' so I do. Cheers!" --Jim Hunter, UK

"Increased tactical awareness has enabled our team of largely teen players to out play larger, older and technically generally better teams. I very much appreciate your input. Many thanks." --Jerome Luiten, New Zealand

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