How to Disappear as a Forward - 'Going off the Radar'

Defenders watch the ball, players in their zone and players near the ball that may become involved. This means they are less aware of where other players are. It is possible to disappear off the radar and by timing a run, find space. Forwards often do this. Michael Owen (England V Azerbijan13th Oct 2004) did this and scored. He was not in the defences zones, he was not part of build up play, he arrived in the scoring zone at the same time as the ball. He was undetected by the defences radar until the ball arrived. Many other players do this. However it is essential that all the team is aware of this tactic or players will look for forwards and may criticise their lack of availability. The attacker has gone off the radar and will re-appear. They need to know this.

This player is 'off the radar' the nearest defender will be concerned with the scoring zone and the ball. He/she has 3 things to concentrate on and the wide player has moved to his/her 'blindside' ready to time their run as the ball is crossed in. With the attacking side having a numbers up situation is likely to happen.

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