6v6 Soccer Formations for U-10 Rec Soccer

We play 6v6 on our U-10 rec. So, I was going to play a 2-2-1 with a Target Forward being the 1. I'm guessing the best approach for us to take when defending is to bring the left and right forwards back immediately to defend and leave the "Target Forward" past the halfway line. We now need to do a lot of practicing clearing the ball.

Coach Jim

Hi Jim,

A 2-2-1 is a good choice, but consider a 1-1-2-1, especially if you play on a long field. The advantage of a 1-1-2-1 is that you can "Push Up" one of the Fullbacks and leave the other one Deep in front of your goal as a deep "Sweeper". The FB who pushes up will play as a "Stopper" who shifts with the ball and pushes up no farther than halfway between the Penalty Box and the Halfway Line. This will give you good coverage and the Stopper will be in position to stop or at least slow down most attacks, yet also can "recover" and help the Sweeper if needed. The Stopper should NOT cross the Halfway Line. One of the biggest dangers in Rec is if the opponent launches a fastbreak attack and gets attackers in position before the defenders can recover to defend their goal -- this is why it's good to leave a FB in front of the goal and you can leave a slow player there as long as he can clear the ball. With only 5 + a Goalie, it is hard to attack and cover the Middle Third if you leave 2 Fullbacks deep.

The Stopper should be your best athlete -- fast, tough and aggressive. Read "Stopper Importance" on Premium.

When you have to defend, have your MF's drop back to the top of the Penalty Box Arc (an imaginary line using the Arc as a guide) and shift with the ball, but tell them they MUST stay out of the Penalty Box. They MUST be in position to help win cleared balls. Yes, you should leave the Forward at the Halfway Line to hold the opposing Fullbacks off your side of the field, but very few cleared balls will get that far. The MF's will have to be in position and aggressively win most of the cleared balls or you will probably lose.

I strongly recommend: play "Dribble Across A Square" game 3 times to start each practice (ask each player his score at the end of each game). Play "Dribble Around Cone and Pass Relay Race" every practice. Teach "Coaching Rule No. 3". Read "Most Important Things" on Premium's (Expanded Most Important. )

Please let me know if these ideas help.