8v8, Soccer Formations

Hi SoccerHelp,

My girls' team is moving to U9. They will play 7 on the field and a keeper (8v8). I didn't see any formations for that on your website. Do you have any suggestions? I was thinking a 3-3-1.

Thanks, Coach Paige

Hi Paige,

There's actually quite a bit about 8v8 formations on SoccerHelp Premium at "Formations and Tips For 8v8". For how to teach a 2-1-2-2 see Section 2 of Premium "Formations and Tips For 8v8".

We recommend you consider a 2-1-2-2 or a 2-1-3-1 formation. This will give you more depth (4 "lines") and a Stopper. Read "Stopper Importance"; a Stopper can be worth 2 or 3 goals per game. You must control the "Center" of the field (between the 2 goals); let your opponent have the "wings" (in fact, encourage them to attack down the wings, they will run twice as much as your players, your players will have plenty of time to "recover" by dropping back into a defensive position, and your opponent can't score from there at U-9; just DON'T give up the Center and allow easy goals). If you need to "hide" some weak players think about the 2-1-3-1 and put the weak players at RMF or LMF, and leave a strong player at CMF; otherwise try the 2-1-2-2. If you had an older great team and needed to play the entire width of the field, we might recommend a 3-3-1. The 3-3-1 is also discussed at Premium "Formations and Tips For 8v8".

Good Luck!!!

David SoccerHelp