How To Teach a Girl to Become an Aggressive Soccer Player

How To Teach a Girl to Become an Aggressive Soccer Player

Aloha from Hawaii,

I enjoy your site, I am a parent with a daughter that is in her 2nd year of competition level soccer, and she has the talent and is considered average. However, she is non-aggressive and her teammates have caught her up in talent and she finds herself on the bench and the difference between her and the other girls is she is not bumping, aggressively going after the ball, she waits for the ball to come to her.

This may be ridiculous but I'm looking for something to point her in the right direction either in a drill or? I notice your help drills did not address this. Can you help or point me in the right direction?

Soccer Parent

Hi Soccer Parent,

This is a common problem. There is a section on SoccerHelp that addresses it How To Play Soccer Aggressive, or on right side of Home Page, "Aggressive Play-Teaching".

A simple suggestion is to have her practice or play with older aggressive girls, or boys (boys would even be better-- try a coed Recreational team for example), and try having some older girl players talk to her.

Another thought based on my experience with a son now 18 and having coached for 12 years-- let her try other sports. If you force her she will probably drop out.