A Bad Coach

I don't know who to talk to or ask so I thought maybe you could help me. I am a very concerned parent on a U-12 girls travel soccer team. We have a coach that doesn't know how to coach and we don't know what to do. He is a very nice gentleman, but when it comes to soccer he isn't the best we can do. What I want to know is there any special rule or procedure that we can use to get rid of him? I ask this because I know we should go to the club, but he is the vice-president and there is no way they will change coaches. Our club is very political. We have another coach, one that is VERY good, sitting on the sideline and we want her to be the coach. (She isn't starting problems either, its the other parents who are talking to her.) I know this seems wrong, but our team has played 9 games and the total goals we have scored is 0. The other teams have scored a total of 29. Thank you for your time.

Concerned Parent

Our Reply:

This is really tough.

This is the reason new soccer clubs get formed and why teams often split up. I suggest this:

1. Have a Parent's meeting to discuss it without the coach present.

2. Go to the Coach and ask him to step aside.

3. If he won't step aside, appoint a representative to meet with the President of the Club.

Options include forming a new club or just quitting. I would guess you might be better off quitting than staying on this team. It doesn't sound like much fun and I wonder how much your daughter is learning.

Good luck.