Girls 8 V 8 Soccer Drills and Positioning

I am coaching an 8 v 8 girl's recreation soccer team, and would like help on the best way to run practices (such as what drills are fun and beneficial). I am also looking to get information on the best way to position players for games (do you play 3-2-2 for example). What is the most appropriate product you offer with these questions in mind? Thanks for your help.

Coach Mark


You should subscribe to SoccerHelp Premium. It has the answers you want. Check out the Practice Games that are for your age group -- it tells you which we most recommend.

Regarding the best formation, if you are on a short field, a 3-2-2 is okay, but you can't put any timid players at Fullback, so consider a 2-3-2 (2 FB's, 3 MF's and 2 Forwards) and put your most athletic/toughest player at Center Midfield and you can put 2 timid or weak players at LMF and RMF. Or, a 2-4-1 with 2 strong players at the 2 Center Mid spots. Or, a 2-1-3-1 with your most athletic/toughest player at the "Stopper" spot (the 1 in front of the Fullbacks), a strong player at the Center Mid spot, your best scorer at the Forward spot, 2 brave Fullbacks who can clear the ball (don't "Push Up" and you can put slow players at Fullback), and 2 weaker or timid players at the LMF and RMF positions. It's important to find a place for the timid and weak players (the left and right midfield are best) and you MUST NOT put timid players at Fullback or you will get killed. Keep your strongest players in the "Center" positions, especially Stopper and Center Mid, and tell them to "Shift" with the ball.

Read "Stopper Importance" on Premium and ""Most Important Things". Teach "Coaching Rule No. 3". Play the "Dribble Across A Square" game 3 times to start each practice and play "Dribble Around Cone & Pass Relay Race" a lot.

David Huddleston SoccerHelp