How to Teach Soccer Passing to Space

Hi Dave,

We play in the second division, so the competition is slightly less skilled than our tournament competition. But not by much. However, a very elite program also has a team in our division, a team that had their way against our club at U-8, and we won. We have accomplished a lot. The parents are very excited about the progress we are making. THANKS!!

I am also very pleased with how the girls spread out and look to pass the ball. I still get frustrated as very often a girl will run directly at a teammate with the ball instead of getting square or running into space. I know I only have 7 and 8 year olds, but do you have a drill that will reinforce this concept? I am always telling them not to run at a teammate with the ball but to get open. But until they experience the proper way in a scrimmage or game, I can talk all I want.

Best Regards,

Coach John

P.S. Is there a discount on shipping for group DVD purchases?

Hi John,

First, congratulations on your success. Try the "Pass To Space, Run With Ball and Shoot" game. Also, tell your passers and receivers that the passer should ignore them if they run toward the passer, and, instead, the passer will pass to space where the receiver should be. (Or, at least, do this in Scrimmage Games-- Play the "Small-Sided Scrimmage WItrhout A Goalie" game and do this in that game)

Yes, there are specials. Did you check the Videos order page? ( There's also a Bulk Order page with Quantity Discounts ( ) . If you have anything else in mind, e-mail us about it.

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