How To Teach Soccer Players To Stay Onside

Hi SoccerHelp,

I am coaching a boys U9 team and just completed the first tournament with a 4-0 run. The boys are playing 8 vs 8 for the first time and we had at least 5 or 6 goals nullified due to offsides calls. Is there a drill or game that I can run to teach my kids about staying onsides?

As a testimonial regarding the iron-on soccer ball patches, I wanted you to know how my kids are very competitive to win one of four patches we award each game. I have even heard that the parents comment on a good play stating that such a play might earn a patch. My team is the only one presently using the patches and I think it makes a difference in how the boys compete. The boys will be having the patches stitched onto their uniform shorts. Thanks for the great motivational tool.

Coach Tom, IL, USA

Hi Tom,

Congratulations on your success and thanks for this letter. My belief was and is that kids grow up fast and the more fun you can have while they're young, the better. You're giving them some fun memories.

Regarding how to teach them to stay onside:

  1. Try the "3 Man Direct Wing Attacking Game" on Premium. If you don't subscribe to Premium, you should; read the Testimonials, it really works. There's a 30 day no-hassle refund policy. Very few people ever ask for a refund, and I think that says a lot.
  2. I suggest teaching your attackers to stay 2 steps behind the "Last Defender" and, if they don't have the ball but are running with a teammate who has the ball, to stay 3 steps behind the ball so they are less likely to be called offside. (The linesman's sight angle can sometimes make an attacker look like he's in an offside position when he's actually even with the Last Defender or with the ball).

Please let me know if this helps,