How to Get Started as a New Soccer Coach

Dear SoccerHelp,

What is the easiest way to get started?

New Coach


I suggest the first things you read are:

1st: Read "Most Important"


2. Read "Assigning Positions"


3. Read "Quick Team Improvement Program"


4. Read "23 Of The Best SoccerHelp Tips & Tactics"


5. Play the practice games you think appropriate, but for both teams play:

a.   Dribble Across A Square 3 times to start each practice (make the squares about 10 steps wide) -- THIS IS THE BEST GAME YOU CAN PLAY. YOU WILL SEE RAPID IMPROVEMENT.

b.   After you play Dribble Across, leave the cones out and use them (and more if needed) to play "Dribble Around Cone” & “Pass Relay Race". It's easy to set up and teaches speed dribbling, turning, passing, receiving and quickly moving after receiving a pass, and kicking the ball while running and under pressure. Put the cones 8 to 10 steps apart. Teach receivers to move toward slow or weak passes, and that they can one-touch block the ball in front of them to go faster.