Recommended Premium Practice Games and Pre-Planned Soccer Practices

I subscribe to SoccerHelp Premium and I wanted to know if you had entire practice sessions or seasons put together. Something like an outline of an entire recreational soccer practice (or a full season of practices) where you could just follow the outline. I would then supplement the practices by researching the players/team weak areas on your website and then tailor the practices to make the needed improvements. I really enjoy your website and have greatly increased my soccer knowledge and skills by using it frequently.

Thank you, Robert

Hi Robert,

Thanks for the letter. There are so many age levels and experience levels that we don't have a full season, but we do have some examples. They are on Premium at Go to Practice Plans or the Practice Index.

My recommendation is to play the Practice Games that practice the skills appropriate for your age level. If your team is U-8 or older, play Dribble Across A Square to start every practice and play Dribble Around Cone and Pass Relay Race at every practice.

Carefully review the Practice Games for your age group.


Thanks for the quick reply. I will follow your recommendations. Last year I used the dribble across the square and it worked out well.

Thanks again, Robert

Hi Robert,

Keep playing it and you will notice that your player's dribbling is better than other teams.

Also, play "Dribble Around Cone and Pass Relay Race" every practice. It teaches many things, including accurate passing while under pressure and that receivers should move toward the ball.

Play "Inside/Outside Figure 8 Dribbling Race" a few times, it teaches using the inside and outside of the same foot to dribble.

Play "Small Sided Scrimmage without a Goalie" when you scrimmage (about every other practice for 15 minutes).

Try "Tick Tock", "Passing Pairs", "Volleying Pairs", "Chips/Lofted Passes Game", "Double Dare Attack/Defend", "2 Team Keep Away", "Throw Ins Teaching Game" and "Shoulder Tackle and Strength on the Ball Game".

Review all the Practice Games for your age group.

Good luck and please let me know which games help your team the most.