Soccer Goal Kick Tips


My name is Doug and I coach a u-10 boys travel team. We are having a difficult time being very effective on our own goal kicks. I have a talented group of boys in terms of foot skills and speed, unfortunately we do not have anyone with overwhelming power on there kicks (Working on it.) The stronger feet are usually on offense, and might not be in the right spot to take the kick. Any suggestions? I am a premium member.

Thank you,

Coach Doug

Hi Doug,

This is a typical problem. On Premium, read "Goal Kick Tips".

You only have 2 choices:

  1. Use the "Spread The Field Goal Kick" and read Goal Kicks.
  2. Bring your best kicker back to take the kick, even if it's an Offensive Player, kick it from one side and kick to the side of the field where players are who you think are most likely to win the ball. This is MUCH better than getting killed on Goal Kick turnovers. (See paragraph 2 at "Goal Kick Tips").