Soccer Training Program For A Girl

Hi Kay,

I have a question how can I post a question on your site? My question is I have a 10 year old daughter who has been playing for 3 years. Her personal trainer is leaving the country so, I wanted to ask some of the coaches what exercises I could use for her to train her myself I've written most of the ones she does now but, I'm looking for new ideas.

Thank You,


Hi Robert,

We don't have a message board, but here's what we recommend:

1st, join SoccerHelp Premium. There's a lot of info there and it has a 30 day money back guarantee.

2nd, if you don't know how to teach proper technique for kicking the ball, buy the "Just Kickin It" DVD-- it will teach you, or she can learn from watching it.

3rd, if you want her to work on footwork and moves, we recommend either "Super Soccer Skllls" (basic), "Play Like Champions" or "Gol!" (which will be online within a week).

4th, read the review of the Mia Hamm Soccer Secrets DVD.

There are detailed reviews of each of these DVD's on SoccerHelp.

Happy Holidays,

David SoccerHelp