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Below is a letter from a coach who was looking for soccer passing drills for beginners. He is a member is SoccerHelp Premium and the reply refers to that. If you are a Premium Member, you can sign into Premium and click this link Premium Soccer Drills that are Practice Games. If you aren't a Premium member, the big link above will take you to free soccer drills and videos for beginners, U4, U6 and U8.

QUESTION: I have a U-10 girls rec team and we play a 2-1-2-2 formation. What do you recommend as starting passing drills. I have a mixed lot of skill levels (very good to beginners). I like your site a lot and read it constantly; sometimes however I'm not sure where to start. Can you help?

Coach Dave

Hi Dave,

Go to Premium Practice games and focus on games that teach dribbling, passing and 1v1 attacking/defending.

Play the Dribble Across A Square 3 times to start each practice and ask each girl her score at the end of each game.

Play Dribble Around Cone & Pass, Chips/Lofted Passes (very important), and Passing Pairs.

Play the Shoulder Tackle & Strength On The Ball Game.

Try the Throw-ins Teaching Game

Try the Defend The Goal and Clear game

Try Double Dare Attack/Defend.

Read about the other games and try those you think will help.