How to Give My Daughter the Opportunity to Succeed?

Dear SoccerHelp,

I notice, as a sideline spectator, most of the problems for the U10 girls soccer team my 8 year old daughter plays for is a general lack of understanding the situation at that time during the game. The girls play hard and are accomplished, last year rated, I believe, 35th in the country. Most of these girls have played together on this club team for several years and stay together year round in various indoor and outdoor leagues. They are very good at performing the skills taught to them during the many practices. As they progress in age and participate in more competitive tournaments it become apparent their lack of field situation presence, hence the issue with understanding the situation.

What can I do to give my daughter the opportunity to succeed? I would like to be able to have someone or some training course breakdown the field situations and what the individual responsibilities of the positions are during these situations. In my opinion, teaching skills isn't the issue, there are many coaches out there that can teach skill. The transfer of field presence is the key and I need to make sure I get this information disseminated to my daughter.

Frank, USA

Hi Frank,

Here's what I recommend:

  1. Subscribe to SoccerHelp Premium. If you don't like it, there's a 30-day money back guarantee. But it will be the best money you can spend. It will give you all the basic info and a lot of advanced info. Over 8,000 coaches have subscribed.
  2. Buy the April Heinrichs 3-CD set, "Training Girls and Women To Win" and watch it. As a coach, you will appreciate it. It's the best set and your daughter might want to watch the motivational parts. It's a bargain at $49.95. Read the detailed review (from Home Page, "Video Reviews", in the Pink Bar)
  3. If you want to learn about "Systems of Play" (formations and styles of play), buy "Systems of Play". It's fantastic and $24.95.

You have a lot of coaching sense and will pick it up quickly. Spend this $100 and about 4 hours watching the DVD's, and use SoccerHelp Premium as a reference to answer questions and you will be in very good shape.

It's difficult to say exactly how your daughter should play, because a lot of it depends on the Style of Play her coach teaches. But by U-12, soccer tactics will make a big difference.

Here's my advice: Be sure it stays fun -- if it isn't, your daughter might quit by age 14. Also, encourage her to do other things. I've gone from U-6 thru U-19 and have seen a lot of kids devote all their time to soccer and then get burned out, or gain weight and lose their speed, or get undeservedly cut by an idiot coach. My son played soccer from age 5-18 and was a very good player, but his senior year he wrestled and played Rugby. His favorite sport was Rugby -- I wish I had encouraged him to try other sports, but, instead, I discouraged him.

Best Wishes,