Can SoccerHelp Help Travel Soccer Teams?

Dear SoccerHelp,

Does the information on your Premium site apply for club soccer? It sounds like I have had some of the same issues that other coaches were having with formations and 8v8 play. I'm really looking for an information source that will help propel my team to a great season. The keeper is an obvious choice on my team as the primary keeper is so much better than the others and he is not what I would consider the best overall athlete, the keeper is big, strong, smart, but isn't a great field player. The remainder of the positions and which formation to play has been a little harder to settle on.



Hi Bill,

We've had good feedback from travel coaches up to about U-13 and from Junior High coaches.

The concepts of efficient practices and using practice games that involve pressure and game speed will help any team of any age.

Regarding thoughts about where to play your strongest players and players with certain strengths or weaknesses, I think the general answer is "Yes".

We offer a 30 day no-questions-asked money back guarantee. I suggest subscribing to Premium and judging for yourself. We've now had about 7,000 coaches subscribe, and have probably given a dozen refunds. For most young travel teams, yes, put your best athlete at "Stopper" or Center Mid, BUT if you have a player who is a great scorer (this could mean quick to rebounds, or a quick shot, or a great first step that allows him to beat the defender to get off a shot) then put that player at Forward and tell him to get in front of the goal as much as possible, and get him the ball, or get the ball near him so he has a chance to win it or score on a rebound.

David SoccerHelp