How to Teach U-8 Soccer Players to Score More Goals

I am a first-time soccer coach, coaching first-graders playing 6 v 6. We are 1-1 so far, but the best thing has been our defense, holding each opponent (coached by veteran soccer coaches I might add) to only 1 goal per game. Your site has been a great help for me preparing our team. Now I just need to figure out how to increase our scoring opportunities. I'm hoping this video will help.


Coach Mike

Hi Mike,

At U-8, you must keep it simple. DON'T try to teach a passing style of attack -- basically, teach your players to "win the ball" and to kick it hard except when near the goal they're trying to score in. Buy some of our patches to reward them for hustle. (Read the "Patches Comments" for how well these work). Play "Boom Ball", except teach your attackers to shift with the ball and to expect it to be kicked straight ahead by your Fullback. Play the Premium "Longest Kick" game to teach your players how to clear theball. Think about 1 dedicated Fullback (who stays in front of the goal),2 Midfielders and 2 Forwards. If you have weak players, try a 1-3-1 and put the weak players at the RMF and LMF spots, but stay strong in the Center. The best way to score is to get the ball in front of the opponent's goal and have a Forward there who can put it in.

If you don't already, subscribe to SoccerHelp Premium. Play the Practice Games, especially "Dribble Across A Square" and "Dribble Around Cone & Pass Relay Race". These games will help your players improve quickly -- you will see a difference within 2 practices. There's a 30 day money back guarantee.

On Premium, read "Assigning Positions Tips" and "Assigning Positions Rules", "Most Important Things", "Quick Team Improvement Program" no. 2-9 (especially No. 4 about how to teach "Shift & Sag"), and "Attacking Plan".

Teach "Coaching Rule No. 3" (see "22 Coaching Rules") -- it's worth 2 goals per game at U-6 and U-8.

Please let me know what helps you the most.

David at SoccerHelp