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There are two meanings:

  1. The defender should angle his body & position himself to "channel" the "onball attacker" toward the side line. This is the same concept as "turning" the ballhandler, but if you "channel" the ballhandler you stay with him & keep trying force him wide. This is a desirable tactic because it poses much less risk to the defending team than if the ballhandler is able to turn into the center of the field. The Defender should favor the center and turn his body so the ballhandler cannot easily get past him to the center of the field. This encourages the ballhandler to go to the outside. Forcing the ballhandler to the outside reduces the risk of the ballhandler getting a clean shot on the front of the goal (i.e., if he gets off a shot from the sideline area he has a bad angle). (See "Defense" and "Marking").

  2. The term also refers to a passing lane. (See "Slot").

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