Soccer Diagonal Run

A Diagonal Run is a run by an "off-the-ball" attacker across the field with some forward movement (not a "square" or "flat" run, but a diagonal run). This type of run can be more beneficial for advanced teams than straight-ahead runs, because it's harder to defend and can distract defenders or pull them out of position. On the other hand, it will only work if the passer is able to "see" the opportunity, understands where to pass and can execute the pass, so it will only work for advanced teams. A Diagonal Run makes it easier for the runner to stay in an onside position while also making a run that confuses or distracts the defenders and it also allows for space to be created for a second and third run. Defenders may be confused and pulled out of position by a Diagonal Run, which could leave "gaps" and open spaces for teammates to attack. Once one player makes a Diagonal Run, it opens up opportunities for more runs by his teammates. These multiple runs can create scoring opportunities, and they start with the Diagonal Run which confuses or distracts the defenders and, hopefully, pulls them out of position.

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