Soccer Turns

Turns - How to Teach Turn - Among the best ways to turn with the ball are a "Pullback", a "Stop/Turn", a "Cutback" or a "Hook Turn". Demonstrate the different ways to turn and then let each player choose the one that works best for them. When going really fast, a Stop/Turn is a good way to turn... when not going so fast, any of the 3 other ways are good. The way that is best for one player may not be the best for another. If certain players are doing better on their turns, have them demonstrate while the others watch. Your players will want to be able to turn better so they can improve their scores. You can give them "Tips" about how they can get a higher score. Here is a brief description of several turns: Do a Pullback, aka a "Drag Back", by putting the bottom of the foot on top of ball to stop it & then pull it back in the direction you came from. Do a Hook Turn by pulling the toes up & turning the foot so the outside of the foot can "hook" the ball, stop it & pull it back. A Cutback uses the inside of the foot to hook the ball). A Pullback is a good way to make a 180 degree turn to go the opposite way, but for most other turns or to go around a player or around a cone (like in the Dribble Around Cone & Pass Relay Race) it will work best to use the inside or outside of the foot. The Dribble Across a Square and Dribble Around Cone & Pass Relay Race Practice Games are good ways to teach turns and practice turns.

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