Baseball, Softball, and Other Patches Testimonials

“I’ve been using your motivational patches for the past three years for a youth travel baseball team that I manage and I find them to be very effective!”

--William, NJ, travel baseball

"I received the patches and I think they are outstanding! I showed them to my 9 year old and he gasped with glee. He spent all night giving me ideas of how to use each patch. I can tell these will go over great with the boys on his baseball team. Fantastic idea!"

--Jeff, Baseball Coach, CA

"I have been using your patches over the past year and they work wonderfully. I need to place orders every two months because of all the new students! Thanks!"

--Robert, martial arts, MA

"The STAR patches are a great idea, I use them for my 9-10 year-old little league team. Gold for making every practice, Red for game achievements, Blue for sportsmanship and attitude. I am pleased to say that last night every boy earned a blue star in a 1-0 victory. THANKS!!!"

--Thomas, CT USA

"It all started with a Google on "softball patches" and "baseball iron ons". When it first came up as "soccer help" I skipped over it thinking it wouldn't pertain to softball. Turns out, what you have is exactly what I needed! Thanks! By the way...we are located just outside of Knoxville, TN. I've searched high and low from one end of this town to the other and didn't find anything quite as suitable as what you offered (especially for the price). Everything I found with softballs on it was either too large or too expensive. People will be asking where we got them, I'm sure, and I won't hesitate to pass on the word."

--Coach Dawn, TN, U.S.A.

Awesome example on incentives to keep players motivated!

--Coach Jennifer, NH, U.S.A.

Another order already. These are a hit! Thanks!

--Coach Dawn, TN, U.S.A.

Hi, can't believe I need even more patches. Fantastic motivator for my girls!

--Coach Beth, WA

Our players love the patches, but we ran out!! Ship the patches right away!!!

--Coach John, Woodstock, IL, U.S.A.

I am impressed with your website and customer service. I found your site on Google, however, you were among many sites which came up. I coach several teams in basketball, baseball, and soccer, and plan to use your patches in the future.

--Coach Rich, Illinois, U.S.A.

You can add me to the testimonials. I have 4 kids, have been coaching soccer for about 10 years now and the patches have been one of the best motivators I have ever used. You wouldn't happen to know where I could find football or baseball patches similar to your soccer patches would you. I want to be able to do the same in those sports that I coach also. (SoccerHelp now has Baseball and Basketball Patches! Click here for Baseball Patch and Click Here for Basketball Patch)

--Thanks, Coach Jeff, Durham, NC

"We are so excited to be able to purchase the fast-pitch softball patches this year! After using the patches last year for 7 to 15 year old girls, we were amazed at the success of them. We wanted to offer something to encourage good effort, good attitude, most improved as well as outstanding plays. These patches did the trick BIG TIME! We were surprised by the fact that even the big girls proudly wore them! We even have players asking us if we are going to be able to offer the incentive patches again next year! This is a tried and true method for any coach/league out there! Thank you "SoccerHelp" for offering the patches! Your customer service and willingness to expand into the fast-pitch softball arena has been the best."

--Coach John, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

"Awesome! Thanks so much. We love these patches. This is our teams second order. I can't believe how these motivate the kids! It's amazing to see such a turnaround in our team.

Thanks again for a great product!"

--Coach Larissa, Arizona, USA

Coming back again this year. We use these patches for girls Softball and Soccer (this is our 3rd year) and will gear up for little boy T-Ball next spring. Thanks for a great product.

--Coach Tisha, California

I did not believe your advertisement until I tried the patch system. Thanks.

--Coach Carmella

Amazing how well the patches work.

--Coach Mike, USA

The kids Love these Patches!!!

--Coach Mike, LA, USA

"My boys will walk thru walls for these patches."

--Coach Jeff, Pennsylvania

These patches work like majic!!!! great idea, it really motivates my players.

--Michael, FL, USA

We have finished our house league and the (baseball) patches worked great. At the end of each game the kids ran out of the dugout to have the team meeting to see who would be awarded the star and game ball. They all proudly wore their patches on their hats, and kids on other team kept asking them about them.

--Coach Rick, BC

"My girls proudly display their patches on their bags (we all have matching team bags). The patches have given me the opportunity to reward and recognize the positive things they do during a practice or game and they look forward to getting them as they are not given out freely. Funny how a little patch has gotten some of my players to talk more out on the court and hustle after balls!"

--Kristy, U14 Travel Volleyball (Kristy submitted a copy of the handout she uses t

We had our first baseball game last night, and the kids and parents absolutely love the patches. Each kid gets a patch after every game, and they are already talking about doing what it takes to earn one of each. I made my own spreadsheet with the patches across the top and the kids names down the side, the date and team played at the bottom. I just check the boxes, so I can remember who has received what patches each game. Gold star is "the general" for leadership Red star is "the blood patch" for extra hustle, or getting hit with a ball, and toughing it out Blue star is "the special effort patch" for giving the best that you have the whole game D is "the defensive patch" for a great individual or team defensive effort all game, or a specific play V is "the victory patch" for each victory that the team achieves I let the kids name the next one. Lightning bolt "the thunderstruck patch" the other team has been thunderstruck and doesn't know what just hit them. This player had a great offensive game, multiple hits, a homerun, game winning hit, or had a breakthrough offensive moment, maybe their first hit of the season.


-- Tim, OK, U10

I received my baseball patches order last night. The shipping was certainly speedy and I appreciate it. The patches will work perfect for the baseball team. I am completely satisfied with them so, thank you.


We love your patches. We use them for our baseball team. The players earn them and actually put them on their hats. The kids know what each means and they try and earn them and they love wearing their hats and telling people what it all means.

--Laurie, TX

Just wanted to let you know that I ordered some more patches this week. The kids on our team love them!


You guys are the best! I just got the patches! They are perfect! Quick service and great items!

Have a great day and look forward to shopping with you again.

--Angela, CA

My kids are so excited about the patches.

--Jennifer, TX

What a hit the patches are! All the teams use them now.

--Steven, IL

I used the baseball patches last year and they added incentive as well as excitement.

--Jim, NCAA Baseball

These baseball patches are great for my minor league baseball team (ages 7-11). After the first couple games this year, you can really see the interest level/effort level growing as they receive (or watch others receive) their patches. Very good positive reinforcement.

--Wayne, OR

Started my second season using the patches for baseball. Before the game started they were asking if they get patches for performance. (forget the game ball). Has it affected our outcome? Not sure, but it sure supported their performance. Who would of thought something so simple would be so rewarding.

--Coach Jim, N. Huntingdon, PA

I have been using the gold star patches to reward sports participants who memorize the Bible verse of the week, and the blue stars to reward participation in games. I think I'd like to try the gold cross patches for those who memorize all the verses....or maybe this season, as we'll have a verse of the week from the new testament coordinating with teaching the ten commandments, I'll use it for those kids who learn the 10 commandments.

Thank you,

--Julie, Volunteer Children's Sports Director, Floor Hockey, Baseball and Basketba

My team loves the motivational patch program...they have met the team win goal in six of seven games thus far (win = score 10 or more runs...not outscore the other team). The minors level doesn't have standings or any other reason why we need to drive them on "wins", so I wanted them to focus on hitting and not stressed about who I am pitching/catching (more freedom to develop kids on defense if I am not accountable for only pitching my ace or stuffing the rookies in the outfield).

Anyway, I will send an order shortly for more V patches. Thanks again for the samples and will see if we can grow the program.

--Wayne, OR, minor league baseball ages 7-11

We have been using these patches from you for baseball and soccer for many years, it is great tool.

--John, NV


Right now, I am using the patches for baseball (10 year old); however, I plan on using them for some of our other sports and activities: soccer, cub scouts (in addition to "official" patches, and our church camp meeting.

Thanks and enjoy the day!

--Rob, PA

Hello, My name is Mark and I was getting ready to place another order for my Basketball team just starting. I used the patches for baseball this past year and they worked great!! Thx.


The patches have been a home run with my girls lacrosse teams - they love them and want to earn them.

--Brad, U11 and U15 girls lacrosse, CA

"I love your website and I am a big fan of the patches (I'm sure I've ordered thousands at this point). It is softball season for me right now, so I am using them for the teams I coach. Thanks again for all of your good work."

--Tony, CA, soccer and softball coach, Premium member, patches customer for 6 year

The kids on my teams LOVE the patches. We tried other patches but yours look better and don't fall off - they last forever. I have used them for basketball, softball and soccer and a lot of coaches ask me where I got them. The sports director at the YMCA asked about them. If you will send me some samples I will give them to him. (Note from SoccerHelp - we will send you free samples if you want to give them to your league, church or YMCA).

--Coach Terry, Basketball, Softball and Soccer

Let me first say that my players and coaches went absolutely berserk over your patches which I began awarding to my players last night. I coach an 8 and under girls fast pitch softball team in Florida. I wanted to come up with a way to reward my players for all their hard work and improvement. I found your website on my own using Google and searching for "iron-on star patches". When I saw your selection of patches I knew they would be perfect. You offer a great variety of patches including stars of different colors, letters for different achievements, symbols like smiley faces and lightning bolts, etc. I immediately placed a call and received a callback right away. Thank you!

--Peter, FL, Softball

Dear Wendy:

I got my package of patches today, and was thrilled to find not one but TWO brown-and-black basketballs I had inquired about. Thank you SO much for the quick turnaround time on my order and especially for the discontinued brown-and-black basketballs. Now I have enough to give my girls when they complete their second month on the team.

I will definitely continue my patronage and recommend you to others who coach in my community.



--Kay, Dayton, OH

I am the children and youth pastor of a Baptist Church in SC. We used your baseball patches last year and received great feedback from our kids and parents. We are hoping to have a bigger league this year, which would mean more patches.

-- Luther, Baptist Church, SC (Note from David -- lots of churches order patches

Hi SoccerHelp,

We are a girl's fastpitch softball league here in Ohio. We are just one of thousands of girl's fastpitch softball leagues. Last year, we implemented your 1 inch baseball iron-on patch as incentive awards for our teams at each of their games. This was a big hit! We were completely happy with the item and their pricing.

--Coach Denise, Ohio

"Thanks! You guys are awsome. This is my second order this season. I didn't think I would give out so many and my team loves them. We are a baseball team and the players are putting them on their hats. I even got my younger son's coach doing it too. Thanks for the quick delivery."

--Coach Paul, California

Thank you for being a great company and having these wonderful patches. I gave them to my basketball team at the middle school and they are wearing them with such pride. Thanks again.

--Patricia, CT, Basketball and Softball Coach

My team loves to get these patches.

--Steve, baseball coach, MD

Hi David,

I'm about to order my second batch of patches from you and I just wanted to let you know that they have worked perfectly. The kiddos do their homework in advance, pay more attention during practice when they know for what patch the drill relates. Overall they just seem more invested in the overall learning. I use a chart with the kids that allows them to keep track of their progress and how close they are to reaching their next patch. Attached is a picture of my last year's chart.

I hope you are doing well.

--Edgar, Baseball Coach, CA, Tball and Rookies

My band kids love the gold star patches. I give 10 out each week for the kids who practice their instruments the most. I also pull out an extra name from a box for anyone who practices a minimum of 60 minutes and who did not make the top 10. Your service is excellent and the patches are always a hit. I will be buying them for as long as I can afford to get them with the school budgets getting tighter. Have a great one!

--Bob, PA, band director

I am the sports coach for a small Christian school. These patches are going to work out great for our sports banquet. Thank you and God bless.

--Ernest, CA

We are doing baseball, and our boys love the patches.

--Dan, Tx

I ordered the patches for the kids that will be attending our summer horse camp as a motivation for memorizing the daily verse. We use camp as our summer fundraiser for our regular program that serves kids with emotional trauma that come for 90 minute sessions for free.

Have a great day!

--Mary, NC

Can't wait to get these for our youngest skaters, I appreciate your policy of shipping larger orders by express mail as well! Thank you.

--Jeff, Hockey league President, MN (ordered 1,000 motivational patches)

My High School basketball players love the patches - we find use for just about all of the stars and letter patches.

--Alan, NH

I love the idea of using the patches to reward the kids for different goals, behavior, hustle, etc.

--Herb, baseball coach

We are a baseball team and the boys love getting the patches!!!! This is our second order!

-- Rich, Missouri, baseball

Thank you so much for the fast delivery of the patches. My husband is very excited to hand these out.

--Tracie, Illinois, baseball

Awesome customer service. This is our first order! So excited. Thank You.

--Kim, CA, Softball and Baseball

The patches look great. Can't wait to show the kids. Best Regards.

--Abe, Baseball and Softball, NJ

How wrestling coaches use Star Patches:

The Star Patches have worked out so well for our wrestling team. We give them out for guys who take what they learn in practice and use it on the mat. A win or a loss doesn't matter to us, as long as they are learning and improving. These awards have been a great addition to our program. What a delight it was to see one of our guys with a star ironed on to his practice shirt sleeve.

--Coach Jarrod, High School Wrestling, US

The patches have increased our club membership. We give the patches for individual improvement, so every child can feel like a like a winner, instead of just a few getting a trophy. It has been a big success.

--Lacy, President, Skating, MO

My son was on a team that used your patches and the kids loved them. I am coaching now and found you on the internet. Can't wait to get my order. I have coached high school and middle school and now am coaching in a recreational league.

--Marcus, Basketball, TX

My son was on a team that used your patches and the kids loved them. I am coaching now and found you on the internet. Can't wait to get my order. I have coached high school and middle school and now am coaching in a recreational league.

--Marcus, Basketball, TX

The patches look even better in person than they do on the website. I look forward to trying them out with my nephew!

--Josh, baseball, FL

My players love the patches.

--Mike, TX, baseball and basketball customer for 3 years

Posted on Facebook on our Baseball Motivation page - Eli wrote: "Positive reinforcement, kids need it to succeed in sports and life! Absolutely great motivation gents thank you!"


The motivational patches were a great reward incentive for the kids last year, so I am ordering some more.

--Dustin, baseball coach, CA

"I am a repeat customer and really appreciate the patches as a tool to motivate my athletes."

--Michael, WA, Basketball coach

The patches are just what we are looking for. I will be placing an order today!

Jennifer, baseball

I coach 2nd and 3rd grader little league. I just finished making the new sheet for this year patch program. They are going to love it! My 8 year old specifically asked me if I was doing the patches again because he really wanted them again. The kids really loved the patches last year. Some kids put them on their hats, some on their shirts and others just collected them. They were a HUGE Success! Thank you!!!

--Best regards,
Abe, NJ

"I have ordered before but I am coaching baseball for a new organization. I've always used the soccer patches for baseball and soccer teams - 5 years now... and it works great. I keep thinking that the older teams are too big to use motivational patches... but I've just changed how I use the patches. I have "game day lesson patches" that represent a lesson to focus on during the entire game... then I use individual patches to recognize special achievements."

Paul, Maryland, soccer and baseball

"One of my assistant coaches for baseball asked me about patches, and he used them for his soccer team. Thanks again!"

Tony, baseball coach

"I've had a chart for my 6 year old for the last couple of years and each year we start a new pair of swim shorts and achieve four or five of each star. We also have a star chart and he gets stars on his shorts for sleeping in his bed all night etc. Great motivator for kids!"

Charlie, NY, swimming (Note: We sell to many swimming clubs)

"I love your patches! We use them frequently for Soccer and Flag Football. This will be the first time we will use them for Basketball, I am sure the kids will love it! Thank you!

George, IL, soccer, basketball, flag football

"Love these patches... Worked great for my 3 soccer teams I coached last fall!" (Note: he orders basketball and soccer patches, stars and lightning bolts)

Rex, VA, basketball and soccer coach

The patches are a fantastic motivator for the kids...and look pretty cool too!

Tony, 7 year old baseball, customer for 2 years

"Thank you!! Your patches have changed our program!!!!"

Ashley, Church Sports Coordinator, soccer and basketball

"I have been a on-going customer for 3 years and love to use these patches as incentives for the soccer, basketball, and baseball youth teams that I have coached as well as shared your website with parents and fellow coaches."

Coach Jon, Kansas

"Dribble across the square, Dribble around the cone and shoot, Goal kicks defense, every kid has a ball and no lines all works in basketball practice too. Yesterday I got unexpectedly tagged to carry out basket ball practice for my daughters team so I just adapted your drills and philosophy to basketball and it worked out really, really well. I never played basketball in my life!"

--Lee, VA

"Your patches have worked amazing, but I am short for this weekends game, is there any way we can overnight what I need if I pay the shipping."

--Brandon, Tulsa

"The patches are awesome! We've used them and it does produce positive results."

--Bree, basketball