Soccerhelp DVD and Video Testimonials

"The SoccerHelp Foot Skills DVD is great - an exceptional program. I like it better than Soccer U version I've been using for 2 years."

--Gary, MI

"Gol! and Coerver Play Great Soccer are excellent."

--Coach Devin, USA

"I just watched Gol! Last night. The footwork and dribbling are utterly jaw-dropping! Shows what a lot of hard working and training can do. Great video, produced extremely well. I also liked the special feature section. Offers good insight into soccer life in Brazil. Thanks for your recommendation."

--Coach Bruce

I bought: 3 disk set "Training Girls To Win" by April Heinrichs, "Soccer Secrets" by Mia Hamm," and "Soccer Success One on One" by Roger Wilkinson method.

I thought April's set was the most informative. Mia's was short, sweet, to the point and Roger's was extremely helpful in breaking down each skill and explaining why that skill was so important.

All 3 where definitely worth the money.

--Coach Tony, USA

I am so impressed with the teaching points on Soccer Success One on One Coaching.

The way he teaches to receive a ball, move away from it, and then come back to it.

The way he uses step-by-step progression in for each different type of receiving.

The terrific turns he shows when you've got a defender on your back and when you run onto the ball.

--Coach Pat, USA

I bought and love the April Heinrichs set, I am going to be coaching both Girls U12 and U14 in August.

--Coach Bruce

"Coaching Set Plays is awesome and has a LOT of information inside. I am going to watch it 5 or 6 times to fully digest!"

--Coach Tony, Georgia, U. S.

My favorite is the Anson Dorrance set. I was so impressed with him as a coach. He is incredibly articulate, is comfortable with his coaching philposphy, and is a WINNER! WOW!

--Coach Bruce, California

The Keeper! DVD arrived 3 days ago, it plays just fine on my Euro spec (but cheap!) DVD player. This is an important and highly useable resource for my son, there are explanations which he just does not get from other coaching media, and it will help with his weekly goalie training with his club as well as in his weekly games.

(Mark's son is 11 and plays for a Youth Team that is affiliated with a Professional Team.)

--Mark, England

I watched the April Heinrick's "Training Girls and Women to Win" disk 1 last night and LOVED it for many reasons. I appreciate your reviews and have found them to be very accurate. There are so many DVD's out there and many that I have watched are not that good. It is nice to be able to turn to your site to see which ones are really worth spending the money.

--Thanks Again!

"I just wanted to say how happy I was with my recent purchase. Everything on your site is very informative and well linked. I bought the Skills & Drills Dream Deal No.2 and expected, because I live in Canada, that it would take a couple of weeks to arrive. In fact I ordered it on a Monday and picked it up at the post on that Friday. I did not pay any Duty or Tariffs; however I did have to pay both our Provincial and Federal Taxes. Thanks again and I will be shopping again in the future (Once my children & team have had a chance to go through the seven DVDs in the set). Thanks."

--Coach Kelley, Canada

I am a High School Coach and I love your videos. Yesterday I showed our teams the GOL video on the bus on the way home. My goalies now want to see more videos. Thanks.

--Coach John, CA, USA

"The Play Like Champions DVD was AWESOME!!!!"


"This is an amazing DVD. I love how it is done and also am a big Mia Hamm fan. My daughter has played for four years and yesterday played the best ever. I really think the Mia Hamm DVD helped."

--Mark, CA, U10