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The ideal place to put patches is on the player's jerseys or shorts. But if that isn't allowed, there are good options such as a special Practice Jersey or T-Shirt, a "Soccer Pride T-Shirt or Jersey", on a key chain, duffle bags or equipment bags, backpacks, on a team banner near each player's name, on a team "sandwich board" at practices so all the players can see their progress, on 2-inch wide ribbons, on pre-cut banners that we are told can be bought at crafts stores such as Hobby Lobby, on warm-up jackets, on a towel, or just as collectibles. Another idea is to let the players put them on a special Practice Jersey (this could be a T-Shirt) that is worn to practice, to the season end party, and that players can wear during warm-ups if they can change before the game. Players could even wear this casually for fun. To be effective as a motivational tool, it is best if the players can see them at practice, games or both. Also, make a big deal of giving them out. You can give them as an immediate reward, or in a ceremony at the end of practice or at the end of the game where all the players see who is getting them and why... I found this to be an excellent motivational technique. You don't have to iron the patches on for them to work - you can simply give them out to be collected or punch a hole so they can go on a ring or key chain.

Below are some ideas that coaches have submitted to us:

Soccer Pride Jersey or T-Shirt (Spirit Shirt or Soccer Success Shirt) or Individual Soccer Success Banner. Buy each player a special Soccer Pride Jersey or T-Shirt on which they iron their patches, or let them buy their own. You could also call this a Soccer Success Shirt. It could be a special shirt or a simple inexpensive white T-Shirt. They can wear this jersey to practices, before or after games, or just for fun. Another idea is to buy each player an Individual Soccer Success Banner that they can put on the wall in their room. It could have their name, the Team Name and all their patches by season. This Banner could be used for a year or more.

On 2 inch wide cloth "Streamers" or Ribbons: We iron the patches on "Streamers" (a piece of cloth about 2 inches wide and 12 inches long) that the girls then attach to their backpacks. The Streamers are very noticeable and allow the girls to proudly display their patches and uniquely identify their backpacks from within the crowd. Each Streamer holds 10 or 11 patches, or if they were a little longer they could hold 12. You can iron them on one side of the Streamer or on both sides of the Streamer. Coach Rick, Girls Travel, TX (Note from David - there is a letter below about ironing the patches on 2 inch wide ribbons).

On Back Packs, CA, USA: I received my Soccer patches today. Thank you for the prompt service. I plan to use them in our season opening game tomorrow. Our region does not allow us to place patches on the girl's uniforms. However, my idea is to glue or sew them on their school back packs. Most of the kids in our region go to the same school. The girls on my team should be the envy of every other kid when they start displaying your patches.

On On Team Sweatshirts, Washington, USA: "I thought my 12 year olds might be too old for the patches, but I thought I would give it a try. They love them! They have team sweatshirts that they iron them on to. I handed them out at practice after the game and they all remembered what patch they were to get - and knew what patches their teammates were getting too!" Phillip, Premium Member, WA

On Wrist Bands or Head Bands, USA: My team sure loves the patches!! Last year some parents sewed them on wrist bands or head bands. The challenge was finding the time to sew them on in a timely manner so as to maintain the motivation.

Idea for ironing patches on 2 inch ribbons to put on handles of backpacks or duffle bags. Submitted by Coach Kevin, CA, USA, Select Team Coach: I coach Girls U11 Signature team. We have different uniforms for home and away, so I didn't want to put the patches on the uniforms. But each girl already had a team backpack. Those sometimes last more than a year, so we created a 2-inch wide strip of black ribbon that loops around the top handle of the backpack and secures with a small piece of velcro. I hand out the patches at the end of practice on Mondays and the girls iron them onto their ribbons. Some girls have several ribbons on their backpacks now.

Idea for ironing patches on pre-cut pennants that can be bought at Hobby Lobby. Submitted by Coach Jason, OK, USA: Last season we bought each player a pennant and ironed the patches on the pennants. The kids really loved the pennants because the patches showed all their hard work. You can buy the pennants pre-cut at Hobby Lobby if you have one local.

On Duffle Bags or Equipment Bags, USA: I purchased your patches and the kids loved them. At the end of the season, I gave each girl a duffle bag with her name on it so she could iron the patches to it. We decided to play indoor soccer this winter and just had our first game. The girls showed up with their bags and had the patches for all to see. My wife told me that during the game, parents kept asking if I were giving out patches for the indoor league. I had not planned on it but....I don't want to stop a good thing. So I am placing an order for more patches after sending this reply. Keep up the good advice. There are those of us who really appreciate it. Coach Dave, USA

From USA: We are going to try a NEW idea for the incentive patches; THE SOCKS. We are going to sew the patches on the players socks as they earn them. I thought I'd pass on this idea in case others may want to try it. Just discussing and explaining these patches to the kids has really helped them focus on soccer and it keeps their attention (especially my child).

On Warm-Up Jackets for Team Pride, Oregon USA: The location the children put their patches (for great effort during practice, accomplishments during games, good attitudes and sportsmanship, etc...) is on their warm-up jackets. These are team jackets that the kids wear to each game, during practice,and to club/team events. The presence of the soccer ball patches is both a point of conversation between children and an opportunity to really shine on their accomplishments. We've seen the children wearing their jackets around town and it gives the entire community an opportunity to support the success of the children-- particularly for those accomplishments not often recorded, like team play, sportsmanship, great defensive play, etc... Because the jackets are clearly identified with their team, the patches also inspire a collective feeling of team pride for the children, and each and every one of them remembers which game/practice they received their patch at and happily share the stories of how they earned them!

On Towels: Give each player a towel to put their patches on: "Put patches on towels...our team calls them 'sweat towels'. Will hold lots of patches." Jennifer, TX

On Headbands: "My daughter loved it the year her coach gave them all matching headbands and then they earned team patches that went around the headbands for each victory!"

On a Team Scarf: "Each player has a team scarf - placing the patch reward on the scarf is an excellent way to promote good participation and motivate the players to push themselves!" Submitted by Dent, CA

Use them to Make a Stripe on a Jersey, Jacket or Sweatshirt: My idea for the high school team I coach is for the players to earn the patches and then put them in a line from the shoulder to the wrist down the sleeve of their team sweatshirts, like a stripe. Submitted by Gretchen