Diagnosing & Solving Problems
With Inside-of-Foot Passing

(U-8 & up)

2-Touch Passing With Inside-of-Foot

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1.  Problem: Inaccurate Passes
     Solution: Check the following:
  1. Is the "plant foot" pointed toward the target? The hips will face the direction the plant foot is pointing which means the kicking foot will naturally kick the ball in that direction. Try it.
  2. Is the foot following through toward the target? Teach an exaggerated follow-through toward the target (like they are "pushing" the ball toward the target). The follow-through should be straight ahead & not off to the side. Some players want to "jab" the ball & not follow through or to sweep their foot across the ball, both of which will decrease accuracy. (However, jabbing a 1-touch pass is okay).

  3. Is the passer lining up behind the ball so he, the ball & the target are in a straight line? Some players want to approach a pass from the side, like a chip shot. That is incorrect. If they do this they will have to sweep their foot across the ball at an angle & their accuracy will decrease. SoccerHelp wants to teach proper mechanics, which if used will result in an accurate pass 90% of the time.
  4. Is the passer striking the ball toward the front of the foot instead of toward the back of the foot near the anklebone? The front of the foot is not as firm & will tend to bend, which could be causing the problem.
2.  Problem:
Passes pop off the ground (i.e., a lot of "airballs" which are difficult for the receiver to control)
     Solution: Check the following:
  1. The passer is striking the ball too low. Have the passer work on striking the ball halfway up the back, or even toward the top.
  2. Are the toes pulled up so the foot is parallel to the ground? (i.e., toes & heel about the same height). If the toes are pointing down, that may be contributing to the problem.
3.  Problem:
Passes don't have enough power or don't have the correct amount of pace (i.e., sometimes too slow & sometimes too fast)
The problem usually is that the passer isn't using proper technique consistently. SoccerHelp wants to teach your players to use the proper technique all the time. This way, they won't have to think about it & their passes will be consistent. Check the following:
  1. Is the passer bending the kicking leg? If it's straight, the only power is from the hip.
  2. Is the player striking the ball toward the front of the foot instead of toward the back of the foot near the anklebone? The front of the foot is not as firm & will tend to give, which could be causing inconsistency.
  3. Is the passer pulling his toes up so the foot is parallel to the ground & locking his ankle? A loose ankle won't generate as much power.
  4. Is he following through? A follow-through can produce more power than a jab.

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