How to Analyze World Cup Soccer Teams

When a soccer team playing in the World Cup is on offense, watch the movement off the ball and whether supporting players are giving the dribbler passing options, spacing, how quickly the players play (how quickly they move the ball around by one-touch passes, hard passes and dribbling), their ability to accurately pass and control the ball, their ability to pass to "space" instead of just to "feet" and the ability of receivers to anticipate passes to space and to position so they can use open space to their advantage, whether attacking players are smart and unselfish and dribble to draw defenders so they can create the opportunity to pass to an open teammate (versus being selfish, dribbling too much and losing the ball), and are they playing the ball backward a lot when they could be moving forward (that's a bad sign because they should only pass backward if they can't move forward - passing backward can stall an attack). Watch the best teams such as Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, England, and Mexico for how to attack. If I left out your favorite team, I apologize, I haven't seen all of them play.

When a soccer team playing in the World Cup is on defense, watch for speed, hustle, bravery, toughness and smart positioning. Do defenders fight for the ball and position well? Do they keep constant pressure on the ball? When near their goal, do they make good decisions and show discipline and not leave Second Attackers open (meaning attackers who don't have the ball)? Do they block shots with their body or feet, not giving away any clean shots? The best defenders never give any clean shots. (A tough defender will use his body to block a shot, while weak defenders will jump out of the way).

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How to analyze World Cup soccer teams

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