Soccer Drills for Kids

Soccer drills for kids age 3 to 12 (U4, U6, U8, U10 and U12) Our free soccer drills for kids are games and are fun, easy to set up and maximize activity. These soccer drills teach soccer skills at a very fast rate - kids learn skills faster and have more fun by playing our drills that are games.

Our kids soccer drills avoid lines. NO LINES - Kids don't learn anything by standing in line for soccer drills - lines are boring and waste precious practice time. In our copyrighted soccer drills like "Hit the Coach", the kids all have a ball and are all dribbling the ball at the same time trying to hit the coach with the ball. That drill teaches kids how to dribble and kick the ball while looking up and it is great fun. There are links below to a video of that soccer drill for kids and to detailed instructions for it.

Try our kids soccer drills and you will quickly see the difference. That is why there are over 350 Testimonials for our soccer training program.

Watch Free Soccer Coaching Videos

Free soccer coaching videos for U6 coaches (ages 3, 4, 5 and 6).

Free Video of the "Hit the Coach" Soccer Drill Game for U4 and U6 - Most Popular U6 Soccer Drill Game

Links to SoccerHelp Soccer Drills that are Games:

  1. Dribble Across A Square™ Soccer Drill that is a Game (U8 & up)

  1. Hit The Coach™ Drill that is a Game (U4 and U6)

  1. Dribble Around Cone & Pass Relay Race™ (U8 and older)

  1. Driving School™ (U6 to U10)

  1. Monster Invasion™ Soccer Drill that is a Game (U4 and U6)

  1. Strength on the Ball, Aggressive Play & Bravery Drill™ (age 6 & older)

10 More Kids Soccer Drills - click here

Why SoccerHelp Soccer Drills for Kids are Better:

  1. Our Kids Soccer Drills are games and are fun. If your players have a choice between doing something fun or not fun, they will choose Fun. BUT, our drills aren't silly - our drills teach real skills and prepare players for real soccer matches.
  2. They are designed to be efficient and flexible. Our soccer drills work even if you have limited practice time, players of different ability and speed, small areas without real goals, a small number of players or an odd number of players, etc.
  3. Our Soccer Drills for Kids avoid lines and keep kids active and involved.
  4. Players learn skills by simply playing our soccer drills that are games..
  5. They involve competition and pressure (which drills don't) and better prepare players to perform under pressure in match conditions and at "game speed". It is one thing to perform an activity without pressure, but it is very different to perform the same activity at game speed while under pressure.
  6. Set-up of our Kids Soccer Drills is quick and easy..
  7. They work for almost any number of players and even or odd numbers. (e.g., if only 5, 6 or 7 show up they will still work).
  8. Our drills are written so they can be used by coaches with any level of experience, even new coaches.
  9. Our Soccer Drills for Kids can be managed by one coach.
  10. The Soccer Drills are rated by age group and quality.
  11. They don't require lined fields or even real soccer goals.
  12. Most of our soccer drills can be played indoors.
  13. Our drills don't eliminate kids if they lose - kids keep playing so they can improve faster.
  14. For each hour of practice, our kids soccer drills will provide two or three times the number of touches on the ball as players get in a typical practice..

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