SOCCER GAMES - Soccer Practice Games

Free, fun NO LINES soccer practice games. SoccerHelp's soccer practice games are better than soccer drills because they are fun, maximize activity, minimize lines, are easy to set up and teach players to play soccer. Coaches will achieve more in less time.

Players will have more fun, practice attendance will improve, your team will play better and win more games.

Coach Chuck said: "What a huge difference. We have outscored opponents 18-3." Coach Don said: Wow! Who would have believed this stuff would work this well." Coach Hal said: "The concept of playing soccer games for drills at practice is brilliant because the girls now perceive practice as fun and not work." Coach Dave said: The transformation of my team was incredible."

SoccerHelp Premium contains 70 "Third Generation" Soccer Practice Games, including 29 U-6 games, 45 U-8 games, 52 U-10 games and 50 U-12 games. Basic versions of nine of those practice games are found below. SoccerHelp Practice Games are superior to soccer drills in 15 ways, as listed below. Our Practice Games are fun and really work. Your team will learn by simply playing the games and you will achieve more in less time. Practice attendance will improve, players will have more enthusiasm and your team will play better and win more games. Our games have been tested by thousands of coaches, including Rec coaches, select and tournament team coaches, adult team coaches, beginning coaches, very experienced coaches, coaches who never played soccer and coaches who played college and professional soccer. In simple terms, we have invented a better "mousetrap". It is a unique, innovative program that quickly achieves results. Our Premium members get more enjoyment from coaching and their players learn more and have more fun. If you have any doubts, read the Testimonials or Coaches Comments. With a 30-day money back guarantee, there is no risk to trying it. If you aren't completely satisfied, just send us an e-mail during the first 10 days and we will give you a full refund with no questions asked. Premium now contains over 500 pages, 1,500 internal links, and a fantastic Search feature that allows you to easily search the entire Premium site to find what you are looking for. It is much easier to use than a book. Over 2,000 coaches have subscribed to Premium.

Many of our games are original. Many of our practice games are original and exclusive to SoccerHelp. They were developed by us, have been tested by thousands of coaches and are available only on SoccerHelp and SoccerHelp Premium. Our games are carefully designed to teach youth how to play soccer and to achieve more in less time. They are "self-teaching" and players learn by simply playing the games. We believe in positive motivation and don't use "knock-out" or elimination games. Our games are designed to meet the 15 standards listed below.

How SoccerHelp Practice Games are developed or adapted from soccer drills. There are thousands of soccer drills on the Internet, but most are not well thought out, efficient, effective or fun. About half of the SoccerHelp Practice Games have been adapted from hundreds of soccer drills and games that we have tested. Less than 5% are selected and those that are selected are then adapted to meet the 15 criteria listed below.

Why SoccerHelp Practice Games are better (the standards we use when developing games):

  1. They are fun. They keep players more interested, practice attendance is better and players have more enthusiasm. (The challenge is to develop games that are fun but still teach how to play soccer. We don't recommend silly games such as Crab Soccer that are fun but of limited benefit).
  2. They are designed for Recreational conditions (e.g., limited practice time, players of various skill and stamina, small areas without real goals, varying numbers of players, one coach, etc).
  3. They maximize activity and minimize lines. More is achieved in less time, players get a better workout and there is less horseplay. We don't use "knock-out" or elimination games that often leave the players who need the most practice standing on the sideline.
  4. They teach important skills, teamwork and how to play soccer.
  5. They are "self teaching" and players learn by simply playing the games (the games are truly the teacher).
  6. They involve competition and pressure (which drills don't) and better prepare players to perform under pressure in "match" conditions and at "game speed". It is one thing to perform an activity without pressure, but it is very different to perform the same activity at "game speed" and under pressure. Players improve more quickly and become better players when they practice at game-speed in match-related conditions. The best way to achieve this is by playing games that are match-related and involve competition and pressure. Our Practice Games also teach players to hustle, win the ball, play aggressively, they get a good work-out and have more fun.
  7. Set-up is quick and easy.
  8. They work for almost any number of players and even or odd numbers (e.g., if only 5, 6 or 7 show up they will still work).
  9. They are written so even beginning coaches can understand them They have worked for beginning coaches and for very experienced coaches; for Rec coaches, travel team coaches and adult team coaches; for coaches who never played soccer and for coaches who played college and professional soccer.
  10. One coach can manage the game, assistants aren't required.
  11. They are rated by age group and quality.
  12. They don't require large fields, lined fields or goals.
  13. Most of our games can be played indoors.
  14. For Rec players, SoccerHelp believes in positive motivation and don't believe in punishing a child who has tried their best but lost a practice game. Our games don't make the losers leave the game or run laps.
  15. For each hour of practice, the objective is 45-50 minutes of effective learning experience versus the 15-30 minutes that is typical for most Rec practices.