We received the following letter from a Rec coach. Our answer is below in black. The Premium Version of this article contains links to all the referenced games and topics:

�I'm coaching a U10 rec. team made up of 8 and 9 yr old boys and girls, 13 in total. I have a number of players that have played before, maybe half and the others have not played before. I have just finished my first two practices and I find the need to cover basic dribbling and basic passing to learn everyone�s ability. The experienced players are getting bored because it is taking too much time with the new players. I believe that your team is only as strong as the weakest link so that is why I spend the extra time with the new players. Plus I know if they have a bad experience they may not fall in love with this great sport. My concern is with the experienced players, I don't want them to lose interest.�

Please help


If you play the SoccerHelp Premium Practice Games, your team won't get bored and everyone will learn more. Read the Testimonials...they're all letters from real Rec coaches.

To really get the benefit of Premium, you will have to take some time to explore the site, and you will have to do what it recommends, which means a new way, and it really works. The Practice Games are MUCH better than drills, are fun and really work.

First, everyone MUST have a ball...this is critical. Do the following:

  1. Read "Tips For Good Practices" and "Things You Need For A Good Practice". This will help you get more done in practice.

  2. Play the "Dribble Across A Square" game to teach dribbling and as a warm-up. Read "How To Teach Dribbling" for how to run this game. Also play these dribbling games: "Inside/Outside Figure 8 Race", "Across & Back Ball Tag", "Double Dare Attack/Defend", "Dribble Around Cone and Pass Relay Race", "Dribble, Turn and Shoot".

  3. Play the "Tick-Tock" game as a warm-up. It will help all your players with footwork.

  4. Play the "Passing Pairs" game to teach passing. (Show them the technique and play for about 10 minutes, but not don't have the time. Teach how to clear the ball as described in # 5 below.)

  5. Using the same pairs, you MUST teach how to clear the ball by having them move 20-30 steps apart and just kick it HARD. Most will start to "get it" within 5 minutes.

  6. Play the "Defend The Goal and Clear" game to teach team defense.

  7. Play the "Shoulder Tackle" game to teach strength on the ball (this is a quick way).

  8. Play the "Throw-Ins Teaching Game" to teach throw-ins.

  9. VERY IMPORTANT: Read "Most Important" for the Most Important things to teach

  10. VERY IMPORTANT: Read "Quick Team Improvement Program".

  11. Read "Basic Info" section 26 for a good list of what to teach beginning players.

  12. Teach "Coaching Rule No. 3", it's worth 2 goals per game (how to teach this is at "Quick Team Improvement Program")