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Soccer moves are used by the player with the ball (the "First Attacker") to get past an opponent. The most important soccer moves for all players are "Control Dribbling and Shielding the Ball", "Speed Dribbling" (also called "Running With The Ball"), "Change of Speed" (going from slow to fast, or from fast to slow), "Change of Direction" (starting in one direction so the "First Defender" starts moving in that direction, and then quickly going in the opposite direction, or quickly reversing direction), and basic body feints (such as a "Fake Kick" or turning the body as if to go left, but instead go right). The "Pullback turn" (also called a "Drag Back"), the "Hook Turn" and the "Cut" using both the inside and outside of the foot are important ways to turn that should be taught to all players. All players should be taught to use the inside, outside, top and bottom of the foot to move the ball. Select team players should also be taught the Scissors and Cruyff (or the concept of pushing the ball behind the standing foot) soccer moves by U-13.

The SoccerHelp Premium footwork and dribbling practice games, such as "Dribble Across A Square" and "Dribble Around Cone and Pass Relay Race", are a great way to teach the basic footwork, dribbling and turns a Rec player needs to know, and are the best way for a Rec coach to teach those skills and "fast feet". If a child really loves soccer, he will play with a ball and teach himself other soccer "moves". If you are a Rec coach, don't feel that you are required to spend a lot of time teaching soccer moves; you probably won't have the time and the SoccerHelp Practice games such as "Dribble Across A Square (Improved)" are the best way to teach dribbling and "fast feet". The following is included as a reference for those who are interested.

We recommend the following DVD's for teaching soccer moves, footwork and dribbling: SoccerHelp Foot Skills and Soccer Moves Training Program (Motor Memory Training and Aerobic Workout) DVD, Gol! (Brazilian Foot Skills and Ball Control Training Program), Coerver Play Great Soccer2-DVD Set, Mia Hamm Soccer Secrets, England Skills Uncovered, Soccer Success One On One Coaching, and Super Soccer Skills. They are avialble in the SoccerHelp Shop.

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Soccer Moves On SoccerHelp Premium:

  1. "Cuts" and "Cutbacks/Hook Turns" (left and right)
  2. Outside "Pop & Run"
  3. Outside of Foot Hook & Reverse
  4. Step in front and push with other foot
  5. The Scissors
  6. The Stanley Matthews
  7. Fake Kicks
    1. Fake Kick
    2. Fake Kick / Hook & Reverse

  8. Outside Step Around/Reverse
  9. Fake Kick & Pullback
  10. Zico Move
  11. Cruyff Move
  12. The "V"
  13. Change Of Speed Tactic

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