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Eighteen - The term "18" refers to the Penalty Box line, since on adult sized soccer fields the Penalty Box extends 18 yards from the Goal Line into the field. For example, "inside the 18" would mean in the Penalty box. (See "Box" and "Penalty Box"). Soccer Eighteen

Encroachment - When a defender is closer than the rules allow on a kick off, corner kick, goal kick, free kick or PK. Soccer Encroachment

End Lines - (aka Goal Lines) The lines that define the ends of the field. Length will vary by age group & your club rules. (See "Field Diagram"). Coaches & spectators are supposed to stand along the side lines, not behind the end lines because it is too distracting. Soccer End Lines

Energy Replacement - Energy replacement is a performance issue and can affect how your team plays. Soccer Energy Replacement

Equipment - See "Basic Information & Tips For Beginning Coaches" for a list of required & prohibited equipment. Soccer Equipment

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