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Following are success stories and praise we have received for the SoccerHelp Program. We particularly enjoy the success stories and some of the best have come in the past six months from our SoccerHelp "Testers" group. The Testers are a group of coaches who volunteered to help us test the material that is now on SoccerHelp Premium. Most are Recreational coaches, but a few are travel team coaches. We have Testers from 20 U.S. states, Australia and the U.K.


  1. Coach Scott (U-13 Boys, Texas, USA) was our first SoccerHelp Premium "Tester" Coach and gave us the idea for the Testers Program. He liked the ideas and Practice Games on SoccerHelp and sent us an e-mail on March 1, 2002 asking where he could buy a copy of the book that Soccerhelp was based on. At that time we were working on Premium and asked if he would like to test the new material and he agreed.
    • Scott's team had only won 3 of their prior 30 games over 3 seasons, during which time his team "scored less than 10 goals". After adopting the Premium program, they finished the season 6-2-2 (6 wins), came in second and scored 24 goals.
    • On March 1, 2002 he wrote: "I have been using your games for practice and I immediately noticed a higher level of enthusiasm over the old "drills" method. I really like your style and methods. I realize now that I was trying to force my team into a system instead of fitting a system to the team. We no longer have that empty midfield problem."
    • On March 11, 2002 he wrote: "My team exploded this weekend and won 5-1 over a team that defeated us with a similar score last year. I'm noticing the confidence of the team growing´┐Ż I can't put into words how happy I am for these boys! My team is now 3-0 with 12 goals for and 4 goals against."
    • On June 20, 2002 he wrote: "After going to the system you recommended and adopting your Practice Games philosophy, my team finished this season in second place with a 6-2-2 record. We scored 24 goals and let 14 goals in. I believe the system you recommended made the greatest difference. This system is not only effective, it is very easy for the players to grasp. Throughout the entire season my practice participation was an average of 60% attendance. This is further testimony of how easy it is to grasp this system. I had two players who couldn't make a single practice but learned the system on the fly and played it well. I want to thank you again for all your help this season. I'm looking forward to next season."

  2. Coach Suellen (U-8 Coed, AYSO, Pennsylvania, USA) was one of our Premium Tester coaches. She credits SoccerHelp with helping not only the kids, but also helping her "gain confidence as a coach".
    • On July 6, 2002 she wrote: "Our AYSO season came to an end June 15 and we were 7-1! Our only loss came on a hot Monday with only one sub and 4 top players missing. We only lost 3-1, so I was impressed. I'm so glad I found your site. I had so many parents tell me how much their child enjoyed soccer this year. Even first year players were scoring, playing like third and fourth year players and having a great time. Your hints, strategy, practice games and web site are fantastic. I'm moving on to division 5 next season."
    • On July 25, 2002 she wrote (in response to our request for more feedback): "I noticed a big improvement in dribbling. It was amazing. The team scored a lot of goals, we usually had 6-7 a game. Your site has not only helped the kids, but it has helped me gain greater confidence as a coach."

  3. Coach Myron (U-10 Girls, Missouri, USA) was among our first Premium "Tester" coaches and is a great success story.
    • Myron's team had not won a game in 3 seasons and only scored one goal during the prior season (in 8 games). When he first wrote us on March 5, 2002 he was thinking of quitting coaching.
    • On March 5, 2002 he wrote: "I have been a coach for 3 seasons now, but we have still not won any games. In fact, last fall's season we only scored 1 goal all season (in 8 games)! Due to this lack of success, many girls have left the team, so I am starting this season with 6 new girls, 3 of which have never played soccer before. Given my lack of success, I am looking for this to be my last season coaching."
    • On June 5, 2002 he wrote: "We ended the season with 4 wins, 5 losses and 3 ties and we won our last game 7-2 against a team that clearly had superior footwork skills but didn't know how to use those skills to create an advantage. Our team didn't have the best footwork skills in the league, but we proved that passing, positioning and improved field awareness (knowing where teammates and opponents are) were skills that elevated the whole team. After last season, wild horses couldn't keep me from coaching next fall."

  4. Coach Lisa (U-11 Girls, Texas, USA) was one of our Premium Tester coaches.
    • On June 8, 2002 she wrote: "My U-11 girls finished in first place in the "A" division. Our record was 8-1-1. The formation you recommended helped us score more goals. We only allowed 6 goals in 10 games. Using the system, we couldn't get beat on fast breaks like we used to. We scored 29 goals in those 10 games as well. WOW!! What a change. My weakest player scored 2 goals this season (her first playing) by (using SoccerHelp tips)." In an earlier letter she said: "Thanks for introducing this system to me and my players."

  5. Coach Daryl (U-10 Boys, Australia) was one of our Premium Tester coaches.
    • On March 18, 2002 he wrote: "We went out blazing with our second game and won 8-1, a brilliant turn for our u/10's district team. That was from reading your Scoring More Goals ideas. Terrific stuff,..."

  6. Coach Tara (U-9 Girls, New Jersey, USA) was one of our Premium Tester coaches. Her team started out 1-3, but then won 4 of the last 5 games, for a 5-4 record.
    • On June 16, 2002 she wrote: "Just wanted to let you know that the practice games, advise, etc. really work. In the last 5 games, we have won 4. Thanks for all your help."

  7. Coach Bryant (U-10 Girls, Pennsylvania, USA) was a Premium Tester coach. He was a first year coach who started 0-4, but used the Premium program and was 4-1-1 in the last 6 games and won the season ending tournament, outscoring opponents 17-5. And, his 9 year old daughter progressed so well that she made a U-11 travel team.
    • On June 10, 2002 he wrote: "After starting our season 0-4, we continued to work on those things in practice and it finally began to click as we went 4-1-1 and won our season ending tournament while outscoring our opponents 17-5 during that stretch. It was incredibly satisfying to watch our girls blossom during the games in those areas we worked hardest on in practice. Once it all came together we were superior to our opponents in ball handling, clearing the defensive half and especially throw-ins and defending throw-ins. As a first year coach, I am grateful for your help. My daughter progressed so well that she has made a U-11 traveling team for the fall at age 9."
    • On June 17, 2002 he wrote (in response to our request for more feedback): "We practiced throw-ins from an offensive and defensive perspective at every practice. I took to heart the fact that with upwards of 25 throw-ins per game, the team that threw better and defended better was going to do better. (As explained in Premium). We constantly drove home the "don't get thrown over or kicked over" rule (Coaching Rule No. 3). The "Dribble Across" and breakaway and shoot practice games worked very well for us, too. I took your mid-season advice and worked on long kicks and clearing our half to the outside. I must say that as an ex-football guy who never played soccer, I found your site to be an invaluable resource. Thanks again!"

  8. Coach Dave (U-12 Boys, Pennsylvania, USA) was a Premium Tester coach. He was unique in that his team had not lost a game in almost a year, but he wanted to try the Premium program because he "felt that we weren't playing as well as we could." You can read our response to him at "14 Tips & Tactics For Undefeated U-12 Rec Coach".
    • On May 26, 2002 he wrote: "I received your suggestions on 5/1 and implemented several of them at practice. The kids had fun. The following Sunday we beat a team 7-0 that we usually beat, but not that bad. We got a game in last Thursday against a team that was 8-0 during the Fall season. We won 2-0 at their field and should have scored a few more. We were missing 2 of our top 3 goal scorers. I think a lot of the improvement in our play the past few weeks has been a result of your suggestions and simplification of our playing system (to the system recommended in SoccerHelp Premium)."

  9. Coach Barry (U-10 Coed, North Carolina, USA) was a Premium Tester coach.
    • On June 16, 2002 he wrote: "We just completed our season with an end-of-season tournament. We had a good season, our record was 2-7-1, but it was much closer than that. We finished the regular season with 2 wins of 2-0 and 5-0 respectively. We entered the tourney yesterday as the tenth seed of 12 teams. We took the first game 2-0 against the seventh seed team and ended up playing the # 2 seed an hour later. This was their first game of the day and we lost to them in overtime 1-0. SoccerHelp has been a great resource. Thanks for allowing me to participate in the Testers program."

  10. Coach Brian (U-11 Boys, Oregon, USA) was one of our Tester coaches.
    • On June 9, 2002 he wrote: "Last season we were 1-6-1 and we just finished this season 2-3-3. I believe your system, and your breakdown of the game itself, really helped me out. The teams we lost to were clearly better in talent, and the teams we tied may have had an edge in talent, but our team played a better team game. What really helped me the most was the breakdown of each position and providing me, a non-player, tactics to use at our level. I've found that most kids at this age need specific direction on what they need to do, and your system provides that. Thank you for your help this season."

  11. Coach Matt (U-8 Boys, Massachusetts, USA) was a Tester coach.
    • On June 17, 2002 he wrote: "The problem is that our league, and I'm sure many others don't offer anything in the way of training or guidance for new coaches. Being in a competitive division for the first time I looked everywhere for help. That is when I found your website...The practice games were very helpful in keeping the kids focused instead of just playing scrimmages. As I'm sure you know, keeping first and second graders focused is not easy. The best advice I could offer a first time coach is that SoccerHelp is just the right starting point."

  12. "What a huge difference. We have outscored opponents 18-3."
    • Coach Chuck, U-10 Girls, California, USA

  13. "I'm a first year coach. After 4 weeks of using your drills and advice, the boys won their first game 12-0. Their biggest win last season was 4-2."
    • Coach Daniel, U-11 Boys, Sydney, Australia


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