Webmasters Program and Promotional Programs

Webmasters: If you are the Webmaster of the website for a soccer club (or non-profit) that has at least ten soccer teams, or of a general soccer site that attracts over 100 visitors per month, post a link on your site to www.soccerhelp.com and we will send you a free 100 day subscription to SoccerHelp Premium. (Sorry, we cannot do this for individual team sites). Just contact us from the link below and give us your site name and tell us where to find the link to SoccerHelp. When the subscription expires, contact us again and we will renew it for as long as you continue to link to us.

Group Discounts Program: We offer two Club/Group Discount subscription options to SoccerHelp Premium, 30-days (50 days from receipt of payment) and 45 days (65 days from the receipt of payment). In other words, we will add an extra 20 days for free to give you time to distribute the subscriptions to your members. We can also price longer term subscriptions if you are interested. We offer these reduced prices because we have found that people who try SoccerHelp Premium tend to sign up again for a longer membership. See Club and Group Discounts Program for more information.

Fundraising Program: We offer one inch iron-on soccer ball patches in 6 different colors as a fund raising opportunity for clubs and groups. Contact us for details.

Click here to contact us if you are interested in any of these programs