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Below is Part of the Detailed Review of Gol! (the rest of the Review is on SoccerHelp), Watch Video Clips of Gol!.

"I just watched Gol! Last night. The footwork and dribbling are utterly jaw-dropping! Great video, produced extremely well. I also liked the special feature section. Offers good insight into soccer life in Brazil. Thanks for your recommendation." Coach Bruce

Summary and who it is suitable for:: This is our favorite footwork/moves/ball control video for experienced players age 9 and older and coaches of those players. However, the "Super Soccer Skills" DVD is still better for beginners and players ages 7 and 8. Every Travel, School Player and Coach should own this, as well as every Recreational player age 9 or older who wants to improve footwork or ball control. Every coach at any level will get good training and warm-up ideas from this DVD, and players will be motivated by watching it. It is really fun, eye-opening and entertaining.

Detailed Index of Contents:

  1. Coaching Sessions:
    Minute Topic
    00:00 Part 1. Introduction- Simon Clifford: Simon Clifford is the founder of the Brazilian Football Academy and Brazilian Soccer Schools and did the soccer training for the "Bend it Like Beckham" movie. His program now has over 150,000 students and is in over 400 soccer schools
    1:16 Part 2. Footwork, Moves, and Controlling the Ball- Basic moves (This is called the "Foundation" and can be done inside the house)
    3:13 Using the sole of the foot -- A basic training move using the sole of the foot to move the ball (can be done inside)
    4:35 "Stepping Out" (what we call "Tap on Top") - This can be done inside the house
    6:30 "Step + Cross Over". Tap on Top and a behind the leg touch (this is difficult)
    7:45 Step Over Push Out" - This is very difficult
    9:20 The Ronaldo
    12:20 The Emerson
    13:30 Part 3. The boys favorite footwork exercises (a variety of fast feet exercises are shown). This is fun to watch.
    23:30 Part 4. Juggling using the outside of the feet
    25:50 Juggling using the inside of the foot.
    27:20 Combined Juggling
    29:00 Low-High Juggling
    32:00 Low-High with Spin
    33:40 Using your thighs
    35:22 Using your Chest
    36:45 Using your Shoulder
    38:00 Thighs, Shoulder, Head
    39:35 Part 5. Freestyle. Watch this - it is amazing.
    43:07 Part 6. Possession soccer (examples of how the moves can be used in a game - this is fun to watch)
    46:53 Part 7. Passing and Receiving (this emphasizes the importance of practicing short passes, like our "Passing Pairs" game)
    49:05 3 Meter Passes - Very good, like our Passing Pairs game.
    49:52 Using the Sole of the Foot - This is Good
    51:51 The Slam Over - a deceptive reception
    52:32 Coventional Passing/Receiving (English style)
    54:02 Controlling a High Ball
    54:40 Adding Disguise When Receiving a Pass
    55:47 Passing using the outside of the foot
    57:08 Using the Ronaldo move to beat the opponent
    58:52 Juggle passes
    60:30 Part 8. Controlling the ball in the air
    60:50 Returning the ball using the inside of foot (This is Good. Like our "Volleying Pairs" game on Premium)
    61:30 Controlling Spin
    62:42 Controlling Balls at varying angles, speeds and spins
    63:48 Returning the ball using outside of foot
    64:20 Controlling the ball with thigh, head and chest
    66:30 Passing with your head
    67:39 Passing a bouncing ball (this is very good)
    70:35 Controlling the ball while on the ground
    72:10 Part 9. Ways to lift the ball from the ground (19 ways to use the feet to lift the ball from the ground into the air. These are amazing).
    74:25 Part 10. Striking the ball
    74:30 Using Backspin on passes (Excellent demonstration)
    76:16 Using the inside of the foot to strike the ball and curve it (Excellent demonstration, the best we've seen)
    80:00 Using outside of foot to strike the ball and curve it (Excellent demonstration, the best we've seen)
    83:10 Part 11. Beating your opponent (1 v. 1 moves). Watch these, they are fun.
    85:30 Part 12. Credits and End

  2. Bonus: Mr. Woo's 14 Minute Workout. (NOTE: This part doesn't play properly on some DVD players. Consider it a bonus if it works. ) Juggling the ball using every part of the body. Normal players are not going to be able to do this, and it isn't very applicable to real soccer; it's like watching a professional juggler, not a soccer player who can juggle. The commentary doesn't start until 2:20 minutes into it. Every copy of the U.S. version of Gol! has this problem and it doesn't help to for us to send a different copy. Assume this part won't work, but you aren't missing anything that would help you as a coach or that would help your players.

  3. Bonus: Special Features:

    1. Simon Clifford discusses the International Federation Of Futebol De Salao

    2. From Favales to Flumimese. An interview with Roger Galera, a professional player with Fluminese Football Club.

    3. Zico's school of Futebol. Zico was a famous Brazilian player.

    4. From street kid to International star. An interview with Jota Jota, a coach who started a free soccer school for poor kids in Brazil.

    5. Futebol Do Salao. An interview with Jorge Loureiro of Flamengo RJ.

    6. On the beach. Soccer on the beaches of Brazil.