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I recently received the following email about the Coach Doug DVD for coaches of U4 & U6 soccer players age 3, 4, 5 and 6. If you coach U4 or U6 soccer, or know anyone who does, encourage them to watch the video clips from the Coach Doug DVD � they will be amazed. Coach Doug�s ideas are based on the SoccerHelp program, but he has taken them to another level for coaching U4 and U6 soccer. If you haven�t seen them, it is worth a few minutes and it will make you smile and remind you of the reason you enjoy coaching soccer.

"I recently purchased Coach Doug SoccerHelp Method of Coaching Ages 3, 4, 5 & 6 DVD and it arrived the day before our first practice. I only had time to watch 25 minutes of the DVD, but I had enough ammo to coach our first 45 minute practice. At the beginning of the practice 2 of the 8 kids were crying asking for their parents. By the end of the practice all of the kids were playing soccer and having a GREAT time. We played the carrot game, hickory dickory dock, follow the leader, and freeze. They LOVED it. My nephew is on the team and one of the parents said to my sister (without knowing she was my sister), "Wow you can tell he's done this before." This was my first time EVER to coach a soccer practice. I would recommend this video to ANY new soccer coach at this age level. I was one of the coaches who was asked to coach because they didn't have enough coaches for all of the teams. I can already tell how the techniques in the video are going to help my kids excel. BUY THIS DVD WITH CONFIDENCE! It made me look like a veteran coach and I watched the DVD 1 hour before our practice."

Tommy, TX, U5

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