Ideas for Better Soccer Practices
How to Achieve the Most at Soccer Practice
Can Your Players Learn Twice as Fast?
How to Keep it Interesting
How to Motivate Soccer Players to Practice, Hustle, Be Brave and Listen to the Coach

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What if you could achieve twice as much in every soccer practice? If you could, your players would improve twice as fast. Our soccer drills are practice games that are much more efficient and effective than regular soccer drills. Your players will improve quicker and play better. Our games teach players to play fast, while under pressure in chaotic conditions, which is better preparation for real soccer matches. The other factor that makes a HUGE difference in youth soccer is Motivation, and that is also discussed below. If you want to play as a team, you must motivate your players to come to practice. You must also motivate them to hustle, do their best, be brave and listen to the coach.

Soccer Practice Tips. Our soccer practice games are designed to:

- Keep players active.

- Minimize lines and maximize activity.

- Have a high ratio of balls per player (50% or more in most cases), so soccer players learn 2 or 3 times faster than soccer drills where players stand in line.

- Use competition and keep score to create pressure and force players to practice at Game Speed, which trains soccer players to play fast and under pressure.

- Be more fun than soccer drills.

- They provide a much better work out than standing in line to do drills.

A big challenge for most coaches is a lack of time. How can you achieve the most in limited time? Given equal athletes and equal practice time, the coach who can teach the most during the practice will develop better players faster. This is why efficient, effective practices are important and why a high ball ratio that produces lots of touches for every player is better than a low ball ratio, scrimmaging or line drills. Most of our Practice Games have a 50% to 100% ball ratio. A 50% ball ratio allows 5 times more touches than a 10% ratio, and a 100% ratio is 10 times more than 10%. Our Practice Games are designed to allow players to repetitively practice skills in a Game Realistic way - meaning fast while under pressure. The result is that players learn to perform soccer skills instinctively at a fast speed while under pressure and in Game Realistic conditions.

Another challenge is How to keep Soccer Practice interesting? When I started coaching I thought I should use a lot of different drills (one reason was because I didn't know what was really important). Even after I started using Practice Games I thought it was good to play a lot of different Practice Games. The problem with that approach is that is that some Practice Games are definitely better than others because they are more efficient and more effective. If you can use the most efficient and effective Practice Games your players will improve faster. Another problem with playing a lot of different Practice Games is that setting up a lot of different Practice games can be time consuming. A third problem is that you aren't getting the repetition needed to develop Motor Memory Skills. Be sure to give your players tips at the end of each game about how they can improve (there are instructions about how to do this on Premium and at Dribble Around Cone & Pass Relay Race).

Motivating Players to Attend Practice, Listen to the Coach, Be Brave, and Hustle. Our Iron-On motivational patches can be used to Motivate Players to attend practice, listen to the Coach, be Brave (be aggressive) and hustle.

Train Your Players to Be Able to Play in Chaotic Conditions. The Dribble Across a Square and Dribble around Cone & Pass Relay Race Practice Games involve chaos which is good, because real soccer matches are chaotic. These games use controlled repetition and controlled chaos to train players to react instinctively, without thinking.

Keep it Interesting by Mixing Up Your Favorite Practice Games with Games that Practice Important Skills.

A good example of Motor Memory Training by repetition is the SoccerHelp Foot Skills and Soccer Moves Training Program (Motor Memory Training and Aerobic Workout) DVD.

Watch Video Clips of SoccerHelp Foot Skills and Soccer Moves Training Program (Motor Memory Training and Aerobic Workout) DVD

Many SoccerHelp Practice Games train soccer players by "controlled repetition" that can be monitored by the Coach: Examples are Dribble Across a Square, Dribble around Cone & Pass Relay Race, and Shoulder Tackle & Strength on the Ball and Win the 50/50 Ball or be the First Defender 1v1 Attacking and Defending, which are Premium games.

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