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Players Learn by Playing Soccer Drills that are Games
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The Coach Doug Video Clips are for coaches of ages 3, 4, 5 and 6 (U4 and U6, U-4 and U-6). This is the most amazing and inspirational soccer coaching DVD I�ve ever seen and every coach of ages 3, 4, 5 and 6 should own it. This DVD will open your eyes to a better way to coach, your players will improve faster, and players, coaches and parents will have more fun. If you use the Coach Doug Method you will be a VERY popular coach. We offer a money-back guarantee on this DVD. "I recently ordered the Coach Doug DVD and I can't say enough about it. It is worth every penny (and more) that I paid for it." Coach David

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Detailed Index of Contents:

Minute Topic
0:00 Copyright and medical notices
0:25 Introduction by Coach Doug
1:42 Fun Ideas Why practices should be fun and ideas to make practices more fun, such as Goal Celebrations, imitating animals, and more. Abolish lines. A ball for every player. Things to never do.
4:57 Profile of Elijah. Elijah is age 3. He had never played soccer before and just stood there at first. But his progress over the season is astounding. At first he�s so scared that he won�t even touch the ball or look at anyone, but by the end of the season he�s proud and happy and a very good player. This is inspirational to watch.
6:49 Feet Only, No Hands. Coach Doug shows how to teach this.
8:13 "Carrot Soccer" Practice Game.
9:33 "Animal Soccer" Practice Game.
10:07 MacKenzie Profile. MacKenzie is age 3. She is Coach Doug�s daughter and has played under the SoccerHelp System since age 2. She is really cute and really good.
11:55 Getting Started. Things you need. Balls, shinguards, water, whistle, cones, portable goals, and a plan.
13:18 Cooper Profile. Age 4. A great player, but cocky. Excellent skills. Coach Doug explains how he taught Cooper "soccer sharing", being nice to his teammates, passing and assists, and pride in teamwork.
15:08 Dribbling. This is the most important skill for a young player. Coach Doug explains how the Practice Games teach players to dribble with their heads up.
15:40 "Puppy on a Leash" concept to teach control dribbling.
16:30 "Go Score" Practice Game
16:54 "The Big Pile" Practice Game
17:27 "Race" Practice Game
18:10 "Driving School" Practice Game
18:43 "Treasure Hunt" Practice Game
19:14 "Watch Out for Pirates" Practice Game. This is an introduction to the concept of defense.
19:33 "Treasure Island" Practice Game
20:11 "Monster Invasion" Practice Game
20:36 "Hickory Dickory Dock" Practice Game
21:48 "Follow the Leader" Practice Game
22:39 "Chase the Kid" Practice Game. This one is great to teach Speed Dribbling and changes of direction.
23:07 Hannah Profile. Age 4. A gifted athlete in her first soccer season. It�s amazing to watch her dribble through players and pass the ball.
24:55 Shooting and Kicking
25:09 "The Instep Drive" (shoelace kick). Excellent instruction and demonstration of how to teach this.
26:28 "1-2-Kick" Practice Game. Shows a 3 year old doing this with both right and left feet.
27:01 "Monster Kick" Practice Game. Best game for practicing long, powerful kicks.
28:01 "Through the Hoop" Practice Game. Combines dribbling with lofted kicks.
28:25 "Hit the Coach" Practice Game. Dribbling, ball control and shooting.
29:20 "Soccer Bees" Practice Game. Dribbling and passing.
29:59 "Snowball Fight" Practice Game. A fantastic ball control game.
30:50 Turning Around Introduction. How to get kids turned around and going in the correct direction.
31:15 "Inside of Foot Turn" explanation and demonstration.
31:30 "Turn Around" Practice Game
32:12 "Ring Around the Parent" Practice Game
33:00 Joshua Profile. Age 4. A big, strong kid with asthma.
34:50 Defense
35:35 "Everybody vs. the Coach" Practice Game
36:58 "Sharks and Minnows" Practice Game
37:18 Alyssa Profile. Age 4. A shy girl who became brave.
39:10 Passing
40:30 "Pass, Pass, Pass" Practice Game
41:20 Call for the Ball. How to teach players to Call for the Ball.
41:55 "Spider Web" Practice Game
42:35 "World Cup" Practice Game
43:00 "Give and Go" Concept (use of open space). How to teach this concept.
43:35 Brett Player Profile. Age 3. Small but became very good.
45:25 Behavior Problems
46:05 3 Types of Behavior (Good, Neutral, Negative). Punishment and praise.
48:00 Ryan Profile. Age 3. A very shy girl.... Coach Doug holds her hand on the field.
49:57 Patches for Motivation and Fun. How to use patches to encourage proper soccer and proper behavior, bravery and teamwork.
54:10 Sammy Profile. Barely age 3. Sammy was afraid and didn�t want to play.
55:50 The SoccerHelp Method. Why it is fun and teaches skills.
56:04 Pressure and traffic teach better dribbling.
57:00 Touches on the ball.
57:30 Wrap-up.
58:20 Total Minutes On This DVD

Watch Video Clips or Order this DVD

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