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The Holidays are a good time to watch some great soccer coaching DVDs. There is a ton of free stuff on You Tube, and some of it might be good, but most people don't have the time to sift through it and if you are a beginning coach, it is easy to learn the wrong thing. Everyone works SO hard today that time is valuable. If you've read any of our DVD reviews, you know I've watched over 250 DVD's and we only sell about 25. When I started coaching I wasted huge amounts of time and money on bad DVD's. When we started SoccerHelp, I vowed to ONLY sell the DVD's that I think are really the best and that are a good value. With most of our DVDs you also get 15 free iron-on soccer patches with each purchase. Below are some of my favorites and links to detailed reviews.

We are closing out many of our DVDs and have reduced the prices, so you might want to check them out before they sell out. We have already sold out of several. We have 5 DVDs for $19.95 and 12 for $24.95 or less. There are video clips from some of the DVDs.

All our DVDs come with 15 free iron-on motivational patches.

For Beginning Coaches:

Unless you have played a lot of soccer, you will need to know how to correctly teach skills. There are 2 basic skills that are critical: dribbling and kicking (passing and shooting). There are 3 DVDs that I recommend: Just Kickin It is excellent for teaching how to pass, shoot, chip and volley. Mia Hamm Soccer Secrets demonstrates skills, dribbling, passing, receiving, shooting, heading, volleying, 1v1 defending, and motivation. This DVD is directed at girls, but the skills apply to girls and boys. Mia Hamm is an excellent instructor. Soccer Success One on One Coaching shows an excellent coach teaching his son sixteen beginning and intermediate skills. If you coach U-4 or U-6, watch the Video Clips of the Coach Doug DVD. Click here for Video Clips

For Advanced and Serious Coaches:

DVDs I recommend include -- Anson Dorrance & Tom Stone Soccer Clinic DVD, which is 83 minutes of brilliant coaching instruction � watch the Video Clips from Anson Dorrance Soccer Clinic. Coaching Set Plays 2-DVD Set Set Plays include throw-ins, corner kicks, goal kicks, kick-offs, free kicks and penalty kicks. Up to 40% of all goals are scored on Set Plays. This is brilliant. Training Girls and Women To Win 3-DVD Set is the best single set for coaches of girls or boys. Systems of Play covers formations, styles of play such as "defending deep", "pushing up" and counterattacking styles, and is a brilliant coaching overview covering tactics and the principles of attacking and defense. Keeper 2-DVD Set I think these are the best goalkeeping DVD's available. Every Goalkeeper and serious coach should watch them. They are designed to teach both coaches and goalkeepers and cover basic and advanced material. These sold as tapes for $29.95 each and are a real bargain at $29.95 for the 2-DVD Set which contains almost 3 hours of instruction. Click here for Video Clips

Our Most Fun and Motivational Soccer Coaching DVD is GOL! (Brazilian Soccer Foot Skills and Ball Control Training) DVD Click here for Video Clips

The Best DVD to Teach Soccer Moves is SoccerHelp Foot Skills and Soccer Moves Training Program (Motor Memory Training and Aerobic Workout) DVD This DVD allows a player to practice indoors by himself or herself in front of a TV in any weather so he or she learns to perform moves instinctively, without thinking, and is also an EXCELLENT aerobic workout. The player follows along with the instructor on the DVD so a coach or a partner is not needed, so the player doesn't have any excuses for not practicing. An entire training session can be completed in 10 or 13 minutes (the Basic Workout is 10 minutes and the Intermediate/Advanced Workout is 13 minutes). For Players Age 9 to Adult and Coaches. Click here for Video Clips

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