25 Soccer Coaching Tips
A Present from Soccer Help
These are Worth Several Goals per Game
Can Help Your Team Control the Flow of the Game
See No. 1-3 and 23, 24

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This newsletter is another present for Soccer Help Newsletter subscribers. It contains 25 soccer coaching tips in the form of easy-to-teach "rules". As you can see from the testimonials below, Soccer Coaching Rules no. 1-3 REALLY make a difference. I used them when I coached and I can tell you that they are one of the first things I would teach players U8 and older. They are easy to teach, although you will have to remind your players to "Mark Up" during the games.

25 Soccer Coaching "Rules" is at http://www.soccerhelp.com/22-coaching-rules-report.shtml. It is from Premium and contains 25 simple, easy-to-teach "rules" you can easily teach your players that will quickly improve your team's play. Some of them, such as Coaching Rule No. 3, are worth a goal or two per game and can help you control the flow of a game. This is a useful way to teach young soccer players, since most have been taught to "follow the rules". There are 25 "rules" you can teach your players about what to do and not do.

In addition to Rules no. 1-3, notice Rules 23 and 24 � they will make a big difference in how your team plays. There is a Premium Game (the "Bunching Up" game, which teaches players not to bunch up, and to spread out to attack) that can help teach Rules no. 23 and 24.

Below are some of the comments I have received from coaches about these coaching "rules":

"Coaching Rule No. 1 (Don't get thrown over) really is worth a couple goals a game. When we marked up properly, we easily won the ball 90% of the time. Super easy to teach, and super easy to coach from the sidelines." Coach Bob, U10, Premium Member

"For about 2 weeks, we worked on nothing other than soccer Coaching Rules 1 - 3. We won our next 5 games scoring 20 goals and giving up none, we won 6 - 0, 3 - 0, 4 - 0, 3 - 0 and 4 - 0." Coach Tony, U16, Premium Member

"Coaching Rule No. 3 should be Coaching Rule No. 1, as it is why my girls are so successful at dominating the opponents - it is rare that an opponent manages to get the ball clear from their end on a goal kick as my girls just step in front of them and steal it. I have also done your revised Dribble Around Cone & Pass Relay Race game, and it is a favorite with the girls - they are *very* competitive, so that sort of game always works well. We do Dribble Across a Square every practice - it really makes a difference." Bryan, Premium Member

"I taught my players Coaching Rule No. 3 from Premium and the results were immediately phenomenal! I couldn't believe I had neglected this basic tactic - they immediately stole several balls in the game following our 1st practice where I had introduced the concept, and it completely changed the flow of the game during several long stretches. This resulted in our nearly tying what had been the best team in the league. While we lost 2 to 3, it was night and day compared to how they had played just a week or two before." Coach Charlie, U10, Premium Member

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